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The Ancient Remnant is a skeletal boss resembling a T-Rex and has a chance of spawning within the Desert biomes, the newest additions to the Cataclysm mod and the third boss featured in the Overworld. 

Recommended Items

If you’re planning to venture out to the Ancient Remnant, there are several items that you should really consider bringing with you. Firstly, you will need a Brush as it is necessary to find the Necklace of the Desert, which is required to bring the Ancient Remnant to life.

Additionally, it is recommended that you bring Enchanted Netherite armor, as Diamond armor may not suffice. An Enchanted Netherite sword is also a must-have for combat situations, as the bow won’t help here. Food and Health Regeneration potions should also be considered to sustain you while exploring the Cursed Pyramid.

Recommended Gear Setup
Recommended Gear Setup

Strength Potions are helpful in battles, and a Shield will provide extra protection. A Totem of Undying is helpful for a chance at a second life. As the Ancient Pyramid is quite dark, Night Vision Potions can also be beneficial. Bring all these items, and you will be better equipped for your quest to the Ancient Remnant.

Finding the Ancient Remnant

The Cursed Pyramid is a vast structure, so there’s a good chance you might find it naturally when exploring Minecrafts desert biomes. It’s much larger than the pyramids found in the vanilla game and so big that sometimes the entrance might spawn over water.

However, you can easily find it by crafting an Eye of Desert, which will point to the nearest Cursed Pyramid when released. To craft an Eye of Desert, place a Gold Ingot, 2 Chiseled Sandstone, 1 Emerald, 1 Dead Bush, 1 Eye of Ender, 1 Cactus, 1 Rotten Flesh and 1 Bone inside a Crafting Table. There are many ingredients, but they should be relatively easy to obtain.

Eye of Desert Recipe
Eye of Desert Recipe

Alternatively, you can enter some commands, provided you have cheats enabled. You can use the commands /locate cataclysm:cursed_pyramid or /locate structure cataclysm:cursed_pyramid if you’re on Minecraft 1.19+.

There is a small chance that you might lose the Eye of Desert when you release it, so it might be a good idea to create a spare to bring along.

About the Cursed Pyramid

Before reaching the Ancient Remnant, you’ll need to navigate through the Cursed Pyramid. The pyramid is a hostile location, full of enemies and booby traps. It’s filled with smaller skeletal enemies called the Koboleton, which drop Koboleton Bones.

The Cursed Pyramid
The Cursed Pyramid

These enemies are easy to defeat as they don’t have lots of health, but lots of them can quickly rush you at once. These baby T-Rex-looking creatures have a chance of disarming you from both your primary hand and off-hand items. If this happens, you can pick them back up from a nearby location on the floor.

The Koboleton

This pyramid is dark and maze-like, so bringing some Night Vision Potions is recommended because you can easily fall victim to one of the traps if you’re not careful. To learn more about these traps and what to look out for, you can read more in-depth about the Cursed Pyramid.

The first thing you should do is look for Suspicious Sand. You can brush this sand to find objects such as Diamonds, Emeralds, and Pottery Shards, but ultimately, we are looking for the Necklace of The Desert, as this is needed to activate the boss. Once you have this necklace, you need to work up to the top of the pyramid, so search for staircases that go up.

Brush Recipe, near Suspicious Sand and an Ignite Trap
Brush Recipe, near Suspicious Sand and an Ignite Trap

There are around three floors to go up. You’ll see a large square column at the highest point with hieroglyphs in the pyramid’s center. From here, you can find the boss down at the bottom. You’ll notice a pool of water at the bottom of the column, allowing you to descend safely.

Fighting the Ancient Remnant

When you find the Ancient Remnant, it will be stationary like a statue. You’ll need to right-click it with the Necklace of the Desert. After starting the fight with the Ancient Remnant, there are multiple attack moves you’ll want to look out for. In order of danger, the attacks are as follows:

  1. Charge
  2. Tornadoes
  3. Bite
  4. Tail Whip
  5. Tail Smash
  6. Shockwave
  7. The Falling Sand

The Charge

During this attack, the boss charges you quickly and does significant damage. You might trigger the charge attack when you are far from the boss. You’ll know it’s coming if you hear two slow stomps.

Ancient Remnant Roaring
Ancient Remnant Roaring

If you hear these stomps, begin running sideways from the boss, as you won’t have much time before he charges you at high speed, possibly one-shotting you. A shield can not block this attack. During this attack, the boss can run through pillars and walls, so hiding behind them will not work.

The Tornados

The boss can summon tornadoes and obscure the environment in a sandstorm. The tornadoes damage and debuff you by inverting your controls, throwing you off your gameplay.

Tornado Attack
Tornado Attack

A hard-to-see boss with inverted controls can make dodging further attacks difficult. You can tell this attack is coming if you hear an enormous roar. You should keep your distance at this point and run away. Remember that you are now in a prime location for him to charge you.


While not as powerful as other attacks, the bite attack will stun you for long enough for the boss to finish you off if you’re unlucky. You won’t have much time to react, so if you see the boss look to your left, put the shield up to block this attack and save yourself from getting stunned.

Tail Whip

Like the bite attack, you’ll need quick reflexes to dodge this swipe attack. You’ll know this attack is coming when the boss looks like he’s about to pounce. This attack is the hardest to anticipate. Tail Smash

The Tail Smash is a triple AOE attack, but it’s easy to see coming as the boss will turn around and raise his tail above you. If you can’t dodge the first slam, block it with your shield and begin making your way around the front of the boss where this AOE attack doesn’t reach you. You can attack him while he continues this animation. One way to get out of it is to throw Ender Pearls, though this will be impossible if you’re stunned.


Stamping his foot on the ground, the boss can fire a shockwave of blocks. You can jump over this shockwave if you time it right. If you don’t jump over the shockwave, it’ll suck you in, right next to the boss, where he’ll begin attacking you with some of the above attacks. You’ll have a moment where you’ll be able to hit the boss once pulled towards him, so this attack can be taken advantage of if used correctly.

Falling Sand

It’ll be hard to distinguish between when the boss is about to summon tornadoes and when he’s about to summon the falling sand. However, it’s relatively easy to dodge this attack as the sand stays in the air for quite a while. You’ll see the blocks in the air – Take some steps back and ensure you’re not under a line of blocks of falling sand, and you’ll be fine.

Falling Sand
Falling Sand

Additional Information

The boss is immune to arrows, so bringing a bow is futile. His health also regenerates overtime during the second phase, so a cautious and slow approach is something you should look to avoid. It will be worth considering a more aggressive style of play.

His health regen, high damage output, and hard-to-dodge attacks are why you should bring some good armor and weaponry; enchanted is also highly advised.


The boss also drops some fun loot, such as the Sand Storm in a Bottle, which allows you to turn into a sandstorm and float, and a Remnant’s skull – Used to summon a miniature, tamable version of the boss.

Remnant Pet
Remnant Pet