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The Ancient Factory is a dungeon in the Cataclysm mod that appears in the Overworld. It houses the Harbinger, a mechanical boss that fires deadly lasers and missiles during the battle.

How to find the Ancient Factory

The Ancient Factory spawns in the Overworld, so it might be one of the first dungeons you attempt to find. However, as it’s deep underground, the chances of randomly encountering it are slim.

Instead, players can craft the Eye of Mech, which works similarly to the Eye of Ender. When released, it will point to the nearest Ancient Factory, and only one is required, as it isn’t likely to break. 

Eye of Mech Recipe
Eye of Mech Recipe

To craft the Eye of Mech, surround an Eye of Ender with 4 Redstone Blocks and 4 Iron Ingots. Remember to release the Eye of Mech in the Overworld and keep an eye on the direction in which it floats. You’re above the Ancient Factory when the Eye goes directly upwards. At this point, you should begin digging down.

Alternatively, you can enter some commands, provided you have cheats enabled. You can use the commands /locate cataclysm:ancient_factory or /locate structure cataclysm:ancient_factory if you’re on Minecraft 1.19+.

About the Ancient Factory

Upon entering the Ancient Factory, players will receive the ‘Ancient Civilization’ achievement. The dungeon has no main entrance, so you must dig through a wall. 

Small enemies can be seen flying around the Ancient Factory. These are called Watchers, which even look like cameras. When slain, they drop Iron Ingots and Redstone Dust. They’re not difficult to beat, as they only have 25 health and 5 armor.

A miniboss, the Prowler, also resides here alongside the Harbinger. It has 150 health and 10 armor, so it’s significantly more robust than the Watcher. From a distance, it will fire homing missiles at you, which don’t deal too much damage, and hit you with the Wither effect for a few seconds.

The Prowler
The Prowler

The Prowler is immune to Arrows as it’s made from tough metals, so you’ll want to find alternative ways of striking it. Occasionally, the Prowler will do a melee attack, charging you with its saw blade. Like the Watcher, the Prowler will drop Iron Ingots and Redstone Dust.

Hidden Room

A hidden room exists within the Ancient Factory, which can be found in several Cataclysm dungeons. To access it, you’ll need to find two Minecarts next to a Bell, with a Button below the Bell. If you can’t find the Minecarts, check above the Nether Portal Frame opposite the Harbinger spawn.

The Minecarts
The Minecarts

When pressing the Button, the two Minecarts will be released and follow the Redstone Rails around the Ancient Factory, finally reaching above the Harbinger spawn. There is a chance that a Minecart will get stuck, preventing the door from opening, in which case you’ll need to climb up and push it along.

The secret door will open to the right of the Harbinger spawn, behind the Glass Panes. Of course, you don’t need to trigger the Minecarts, as you can mine through the wall instead. Inside are some useful blocks that can be collected, such as Diamonds, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Ancient Debris, and Coal.

Outside this secret room are many other items worth collecting from the Ancient Factory. Towards the back of the factory, to the right of the Nether Portal Frame, is a storeroom containing more valuable items like Ores, Obsidian, Honey, Pumpkins, Hay, Wood, and a lot more.

In addition, tons of loot, including basic items like Redstone Rails, Lanterns, Anvils, and Furnaces, can be found and collected in the main room. After clearing the dungeon, an underground base would be an excellent idea.

The Harbinger

Once the Watchers and Prowler have been defeated, you can begin the battle with the Harbinger. It will remain inactive, so exploring the Ancient Factory and preparing yourself for the fight is safe.

To activate the Harbinger, you must hold and place a Nether Star inside it. This is a tough fight, as the Harbinger has almost 400 health and can fire deadly attacks using lasers and missiles.

The Harbinger
The Harbinger

As the Harbinger tends to stay in the air, it’s a good idea to bring ranged weapons, such as a Bow and Arrow. Shields can also help block laser attacks. A Shield is also a good idea, and taking advantage of the EMPs that spawn around the dungeon.

Destroying the Harbinger will yield the player a Witherite Block, which can be turned into 9 Witherite Ingots. These are extremely valuable, as they can be turned into the Mechanical Fusion Anvil or three different weapons.