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The Ancient Factory is one of the dungeons found within the Cataclysm mod and spawns within the Overworld. It contains the Harbinger, a mechanical-styled boss that uses powerful lasers and missiles during the fight.

How to find the Ancient Factory

The Ancient Factory is the only dungeon that spawns in the Overworld. Therefore, it’s probably the first one you’ll encounter and try to beat. It spawns deep underground, so you might be lucky and find it while mining.

However, players can also craft the Eye of Mech. It works similar to the Eye of Ender. When released, it will point to the nearest Ancient Factory, and only one is required, as there isn’t a chance for it to break.

Eye of Mech Recipe
Eye of Mech Recipe

To craft the Eye of Mech, surround an Eye of Ender with 4 Redstone Blocks and 4 Iron Ingots. Remember to release the Eye of Mech in the Overworld and keep an eye on the direction in which it floats. You’re above the Ancient Factory when the Eye goes upwards and should start digging down.

Alternatively, you can enter some commands, provided you have cheats enabled. You can use the commands /locate cataclysm:ancient_factory or /locate structure cataclysm:ancient_factory if you’re on Minecraft 1.19+.

Notable Loot within the Ancient Factory

The Ancient Factory is a large structure with plenty of blocks to collect. Most of the Chests and Barrels you see around the Factory, including those hanging from the ceiling, are empty and not worth building toward.

There is a small store room, which contains blocks and items that you might find helpful. Inside are some Ore, Vases, Quartz, Pumpkins, different types of Wood, and more. Large amounts of Copper and Redstone Blocks can also be mined and collected.

Around the upper edge of the Factory, stacks of Redstone Rails can be mined and gathered. Two Minecarts sit on this track opposite the Harbinger and can be activated by pressing the Button below the Bell.

The Minecarts will follow the track and activate two Detector Rails above the Harbinger spawn. Once both Minecarts reach the Detector Rails, a hidden door will open to the right of the Harbinger Spawn, which contains Diamonds, Gold, Ancient Debris, and a few other items.

The Harbinger

The only creature you can find inside the Ancient Factory is the Harbinger, a boss. It’s safe to explore the Ancient Factory, as the Harbinger is shut down and will need switching on for the boss battle to begin.

You must hold a Nether Star and place it inside the Harbinger to activate it. It’s a tough fight, as the Harbinger has almost 400 health and can fire deadly attacks using lasers and missiles.

The Harbinger
The Harbinger

As the Harbinger tends to stay in the air, it’s a good idea to bring ranged weapons, such as a Bow and Arrow. Shields can also help block laser attacks. Two items can be obtained from defeating the Harbinger, which are the Wither Assault Shoulder Weapon, and the Witherite Block.