Void Lily

Alongside the Lich Tower, another dungeon that can be located in the Overworld is the Void Blossom. And just like the Lich Tower, it can be located by using an item, which in this case, is the Void Lily.

Crafting the Void Lily

To obtain the Void Lily, it will need to be crafted in either a Crafting Table, or the inventory crafting grid. All that’s required is a single Lily of the Valley, and an Amethyst Shard. Only one Void Lily needs to be crafted to locate the Void Blossom.


To find a Lily of the Valley, try searching in Forests, Flower Forests, Birch Forests, and Dark Forest Biomes. Whereas Amethyst Shards can be obtained by mining an Amethyst Cluster, which can be found underground.

Using a Void Lily

Using a Void Lily to locate the Void Blossom is a simple task. Place it down on a Dirt or Grass Block. After a few seconds, particles will radiate from the Void Lily, pointing to a Void Blossom.

Following the Void Lily
Following the Void Lily

You’ll want to repeatedly place and break the Void Lily until the particles indicate that the Void Blossom is below you; at this point, you should start digging down. However, be careful, as the Void Lily cave is a large chamber. Digging straight into it could cause you to take serious fall damage.