Void Blossom

The Void Blossom is an Overworld boss that can be found after installing the Bosses of Mass Destruction mod for Minecraft. It’s a plant-like boss, and gives a powerful item, the Void Thorns.

Finding the Void Blossom

The Void Blossom spawns in its own cave, deep underground, usually at the bottom level. While mining, you might randomly come across this cave, which is easily identifiable due to the Amethyst spikes surrounding the area, which shows this isn’t a randomly generated cave.

Void Blossom Cave
Void Blossom, in its Cave

However, the Void Blossom can be found manually by planting a Void Lily, which can be crafted. When it’s placed down on a Dirt or Grass Block, small particles will point to a nearby Void Blossom.

Fighting the Void Blossom

The fight with the Void Blossom will begin as soon as you enter the arena. In total, it has 350 Health and 20 Armor points. On the boss bar, you can see that its health is split into 4 segments. During the fight, the Void Blossom can regenerate health, but never into the next segment, so think of them as checkpoints.

During the first phase, the Void Blossom will summon damaging thorns under your feet, which can easily be sidestepped if you’re quick enough. Sometimes, it will summon thorns in a radius that protrude outwards, which need to be dodged. At the end of this phase, smaller Void Blossoms will be placed around the arena and will repeatedly heal the Void Blossom until they’re destroyed.

The Void Blossom Healing
The Void Blossom Healing

In this next phase, the Void Blossom has a new attack, where it fires a green spore at an area. After a few seconds, it will explode in a large area, damaging all players inside, and inflicting them with poisonous for a long time. It’s a good idea to bring some Buckets of Milk to remove the poison if required.

Once the Void Blossom’s health reaches the next checkpoint, more healing Void Blossoms will be summoned. However, some will be protected behind Bramble Walls this time, which need to be broken. At this point, you should have worked out the Void Blossom attack patterns and be able to work its health down. 

Void Blossom Thorn Attack
Void Blossom Thorn Attack

The key to winning against the Void Blossom is using a ranged weapon, like an Enchanted Bow with Arrows. Speed potions also come in handy to quickly run around the arena and to avoid the dangerous thorns that the Void Blossom summons. Health Regeneration can also prove beneficial to combat the effects of poison, and to maintain health in general.

Void Blossom Rewards

Once the Void Blossom dies, a ton of experience will be dropped, granting tens of levels. Two items are also dropped by the Void Blossom: the Crystal Fruit (2-3 can be dropped) and the Void Thorns (2 are guaranteed).

Consuming the Crystal Fruit will give Regeneration II for 15 seconds and Resistance for 30 seconds. Void Thorns are used to craft the Charged Ender Pearl, a reusable Ender Pearl that gives Resistance after use. It also requires Ancient Anima, dropped from the Night Lich.

The other item that can be crafted is the Earthdive Spear. This item will allow you to teleport through solid blocks. However, it also requires an Obsidian Heart, which can be obtained from the Obsidilith in the Nether.