Soul Star

The Soul Star is an item provided by the Bosses of Mass Destruction mod. Its primary use is finding the Lich Tower and summoning the Night Lich.

Collecting Soul Stars

You’ll want to kill Undead Mobs, such as Skeletons, Zombies, and Wither Skeletons, to obtain a Soul Star. Unfortunately, the developer has not provided a drop rate for this item, but it’s a rare drop.

Undead Mobs
A Zombie

It seems the Soul Star will only drop if an undead mob is slain by the player instead of dying to the likes of fall damage. So, a mob farm might prove useless in collecting Soul Stars. The best option for obtaining Soul Stars is to explore at night with a Sword.

Using Soul Stars

Once you’ve obtained some Soul Stars, they can be used to locate the Lich Tower structure, which is where the Night Lich can be summoned. Like an Ender Pearl, the Soul Star can be released, pointing to the nearest Lich Tower.

Holding a Soul Star
Holding a Soul Star

However, unlike Ender Pearls, they won’t break when released. Just make sure to pick them up again. If your Soul Star doesn’t point to a Lich Tower, then it’s possible that it’s too far away and you’ll need to explore some more before releasing a Soul Star.

To actually summon the Night Lich, 4 Soul Stars are required. So it might not be worth looking for the Lich Tower until you have multiple stars. They must be placed inside the Chiseled Stone Altars on the Lich Tower’s middle floor.