The Shelter is one of the main structures found within the Ice Maze of the Aquamirae mod. It contains mobs like the Eel as well as the highly sought-after Frozen Chest, which contains useful loot.

Finding the Shelter

You’ll first learn about the Shelter when exploring an Outpost. Inside is a Lectern containing Entry #36: We are no longer able to heat the fort; resources are running out. Part of the crew began to dig a shelter underground. It is the only way we have a chance to not freeze to death.

Finding the Shelter is one of the harder tasks, as it doesn’t consist of a large structure standing on the surface. Instead, it’s a circular entrance, so you’ll have more luck by gaining height and scanning the area, which is easier when using an Elytra.

Entrance to the Shelter
Entrance to the Shelter

Descending into the Shelter is a perilous task, and you should only do so when you have appropriate armor, weapons, and healing items. You’ll discover mobs like the Eel and Tortured Souls inside the Shelter. 

After reaching the bottom of the shaft that leads to the Shelter, you’ll need to dig further down through the ice to descend further into the ground. There, you’ll discover a large cavernous area with plenty of Tortured Souls and a large structure.

Players with cheats enabled can find the Shelter by using the command: /locate structure aquamirae:shelter

About the Shelter

The Eel can spawn in the Shelter, which is a mini-boss, and it has 180 Health and 20 Armor points. These are often farmed for their Echo of the Ship Graveyard, a guaranteed drop from them. Only one can spawn in the Shelter, and they can move around the cavern.

Other mobs that spawn here are the Tortured Souls, which can go invisible for a few seconds while also gaining movement speed. Meanwhile, the Shelter also contains Pillagers, Vindicators, and Evokers.

Plenty of Barrels and Chests within the Shelter offer large amounts of loot. They’ll mostly consist of Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Sharp Bones, Raw Fish, Leather, and Pirate Pouches, among other items.

The Frozen Chest
The Frozen Chest

Finally, at the top of the Shelter in the final room is the Golden Moth in a Jar, as well as a Frozen Chest. To open the Frozen Chest, a Frozen Key is required, which is a guaranteed drop from defeating Captain Cornelia. 

Log Entries

A log can be found within the Shetler, starting with Entry #41: In these cursed lands there you can’t find shelter even under the ice and the thickness of the earth… Some creatures that look like eels crawled out of the depths of the underworld, depriving us of the opportunity to return back to the surface.

Only the mistress of the moon knows how long shall we last… At all events, our hopes of seeing sunlight had all but vanished. This place will become our grave, our eternal tomb. For us and that damned rune…

Then, Last Entry: It whispers to me, whispers inside my head the secrets of ice and snow… Ice… Now we are chained in ice forever… I suppose a similar fate awaits the crew that set out in search of the fire rune… I wonder if they made it to the Great Dark Forest Valley. Though it doesn’t really matter now…