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Mother of the Maze is a large Sting Ray-like creature found within the Ice Maze and acts as a mini-boss within the Aquamirae mod. With clusters on its back, it’s a source of Abyssal Amethyst.

About Mother of the Maze

When exploring the Ice Maze biome, you might receive a message in your chat stating, “You feel the vibrations under the ice..”. If that happens, it means a Mother of the Maze has spawned nearby and can be found swimming underwater.

Mother of the Maze Underwater
Mother of the Maze Underwater

In total, it has 100 Health and 6 Armor points. A good way to defeat it would be by using a Trident enchanted with Loyalty.  Getting too close to the Mother of the Maze will cause you to take continuous damage.

That way, you can fight the Mother of the Maze without going underwater. However, be careful, as the mini-boss can destroy the ice you’re standing on using the crystals on its back.

Alternatively, if you have cheats enabled, you can summon the Mother of the Maze by entering the command: /summon aquamirae:maze_mother

Mother of the Maze Loot

Four different items are dropped by the Mother of the Maze. These include Abyssal Amethyst, Sharp Bones, Prismarine Crystals, and Echo of the Ship Graveyard.

While Abyssal Amethyst can be crafted using Amethyst Shards and Echo of the Ship Graveyard, the Mother of the Maze is the only creature that can naturally drop it. Therefor, it’s a useful and powerful item and is used to craft the Blinding Abyss armor set, as well as the Fin Cutter, Whisper of the Abyss, Maze Rose, and the Divider.

Blinding Abyss Armor Set
Blinding Abyss Armor Set

Prismarine Crystals can be used to create Prismarine Lamps. Whereas Sharp Bones can be used to create Bone Meal or Remnant’s Saber. Which is a Sword that deals 100% more damage while you’re in the water.