Ice Maze

The Ice Maze is the only location added by the Aquamirae, and it’s a frozen biome. It’s here that you’ll start your journey of exploring everything Aquamirae has to offer and eventually fight Captain Cornelia.

Finding the Ice Maze

There’s no easy way to find the Ice Maze except by exploring your Minecraft world. You can find it better by exploring the oceans, as the biome will spawn above the Deep Frozen Ocean.

Appearance of the Ice Maze
Appearance of the Ice Maze

With cheats enabled, players can find the Ice Maze by entering the /locate biome #aquamirae:ice_maze command.

Otherwise, use an Elytra to fly around if possible, or explore the oceans using a Boat. It will be pretty clear when you’ve discovered the Ice Maze, as the terrain tends to be very dramatic. The most prominent feature is the large arches made up of ice.

About the Ice Maze

It should be safe for players to explore the Ice Maze during the day, provided they don’t enter any structures. However, during the night, the Ice Maze becomes dangerous, with hostile mobs spawning on the surface, such as Maws, Tortured Souls, and Golden Moths.

It’s also possible for the Mother of the Maze, a miniboss, to spawn. If it has, you’ll see a “You feel vibrations under the ice…” chat message. A few structures can also be found, including the Ship, Outpost, and Shelter, which are mostly filled with hostile Pillagers.

Structure in the Ice Maze
Structure in the Ice Maze

To progress with Aquamirae, players will want to locate and explore the Ship. There, they can kill the Captain Pillager inside to obtain the Shell Horn. When used, it will summon the main boss: Captain Cornelia. 

The largest structure is the Shelter, which can be found underground. Though it can be accessed by descending through a well that is located on the surface. It contains a Frozen Chest, which can only be opened after beating Captain Cornelia.