The Eel is a miniboss within the Aquamirae Mod. It’s a difficult mob to defeat because it has 180 Health points and 20 Armor points. During the fight, it can also burrow into the ground and move to a different location.

Finding the Eel

An Eel can be found spawning inside the Shelter, an underground structure in the Ice Maze. Players will first learn about the Shelter after discovering the Outpost and reading Entry #36: We are no longer able to heat the fort; resources are running out. Part of the crew began to dig a shelter underground. It is the only way we have a chance to not freeze to death.

Entrance to the Shelter
Entrance to the Shelter

An entrance to the Shelter can be found underground, where the construction of a shaft is clearly visible. However, descending down is dangerous, you’ll want to bring Buckets of Water and building blocks. Upon reaching the bottom of the shaft, dig through the ice to descend further.

It’s here that the Shelter can be found, which looks like a large house inside a frozen cave. Plenty of Tortured Soul occupy this area, which have 30 Health points and 4 Armor points, so focus on taking these out.

The Shelter
The Shelter

Also in this cave area is the Eel, which will mostly be stationary. Other hostile creatures, such as Skeletons, Creepers, and Zombies, may spawn in the Shelter due to how dark it is. 

Beating the Eel

The fight with the Eel is relatively straightforward. It will mostly make melee attacks that don’t damage much, provided the player is wearing Netherite and has buffs, especially regeneration.

One important thing to note is that the Eel will heal depending on the amount of damage it deals, prolonging the fight. After every few attacks, the Eel will roar for a few seconds, continuously knocking back the player.

Eel Knockback
Eel Knockback

You will struggle to fight the Eel from a distance, as it’s immune to ranged attacks, such as with the Bow and Arrows. Occasionally, the Eel will burrow in the ground and move to another location.

Eel loot

Quite a few items are dropped by the Eel, the most lucrative being the Echo of the Ship Graveyard. Eel can be farmed for this item, as it’s a guaranteed drop and the easiest way to obtain them consistently. Between 2 and 8 of these are dropped each time it’s slain.

The Eel is also the only mob that will drop the Scroll of the Dead Sea. When used, a random effect will be applied to the player or an item added to their inventory. Sometimes, this scroll might even kill you, so be careful.

Other items dropped by the Eel include Fins, Sharp Bones, Spinefish, and the Treasure Pouch.

Fin4-6 (16%)
Sharp Bones12-24 (16%)
Spinefish2-12 (16%)
Scroll of the Dead Sea1-3 (16%)
Treasure Pouch1-3 (33%)
Echo of the Ship Graveyard2-8 (100%)