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The Echo of the Ship Graveyard is one of the most integral items from the Aquamirae mod. It’s used to create armor and tools and upgrade the Pirate Pouch into a Treasure Pouch.

Obtaining Echo of the Ship Graveyard

Defeating mobs within the Aquamirae mod allows one to obtain multiple Echo of the Ship Graveyards. They can be dropped by the Anglerfish, Ghost of Captain Cornelia, Eel, Maw, Mother of the Maze, and the Tortured Souls.

The highest chance of obtaining them would be killing the Eel, which gives the highest chance of dropping the Echo of the Ship Graveyard. Eel can be found at the Shelter underground, and they’ll drop between 2 and 8 each time.

Eel in the Shelter
Eel in the Shelter

Multiple Echo of the Ship Graveyard can be obtained after entering the Shelter and opening the Frozen Chest. Between 3 and 6 will spawn in the Frozen Chest, but it must first be opened using Frozen Key.

MobDrop Chance
Anglerfish1 (1%)
Ghost of Captain Cornelia1 (33%)
Eel2-8 (100%)
Maw1 (1%)
Mother of the Maze0-2 (100%)
Tortured Soul1 (10%)

Using Echo of the Ship Graveyard

Echo of the Ship Graveyard is used in 7 different recipes. Specifically the Terrible Sword, Fin Cutter, Terrible Chestplate, Divider, Whisper of the Abyss, Treasure Pouch, and the Abyssal Amethyst.

To create all these items and get full use out of the Echo of the Ship Graveyard, a total of 14 are required. However, the Treasure Pouch and Abyssal Amethyst have other methods of being obtained, so crafting those items may prove wasteful.