Raccoons are smaller creatures provided by Alex’s Mobs and are neutral to players. They tolerate the player unless attacked, in which case they fight back, biting their target.

They can be found in nature-themed biomes, such as the Forests, Meadows, Taigas, and Meadow biomes. Raccoons spawn often and will even approach the player if they hold food and beg for some.

Raccoon Washing a Carrot
Raccoon Washing a Carrot

Players can give the Raccoon food by throwing it at them or on the ground, which they’ll take, and look for a nearby water source to wash. If none can be found, they’ll eat the food regardless. Feeding Raccoons is how you start the taming and breeding process.

Taming Raccoons

To tame a Raccoon, you’ll want to give it an Egg, which can be done by holding an Egg and right-clicking the Raccoon. They’ll take it to a nearby water source to wash it and it will then become tamed.

Right-clicking a tamed raccoon allows you to switch between 3 different behavior modes: following you, staying in place, or wandering freely. When choosing the Wander option, you might want to ensure your Raccoon is in an enclosure so it doesn’t get lost.

Tamed Raccoon Wearing a Bandana
Tamed Raccoon Wearing a Bandana

Raccoons are loyal pets and will attack anything that targets you. However, due to their small size, they don’t deal much damage and have little health (9), so they might lose most battles.

By placing a Carpet on a tamed Raccoon, they can be given a small bandana. If you want to remove this from your tamed Raccoon, use some Shears.

Breeding Raccoons

To breed Raccoons, all you need to do if feed them Bread. However, the process doesn’t require washing the food, so instead, hold Bread and right-click the Raccoon. The breeding process is similar to other Minecraft mobs.

Baby Raccoon
Baby Raccoon

Fed Raccoons will then enter love-mode, and a baby Raccoon will spawn. These tend to stick with their parents and follow them around, though you might also want to place them inside an enclosure.


When slain, the Raccoon has a chance of dropping their tail. This only has one use, and it’s to create the Frontiersman’s Cap, a new item provided by Alex’s Mobs. 

Frontiersman's Cap
Frontiersman’s Cap

To create it, combine the Raccoon Tail with 5 Hair of Bear, and 1 Leather Cap. The Frontiersman’s Cap provides 3 Armor points and a 0.1 movement speed bonus while sneaking.

Other Notes

Raccoons may enter your base, and steal food items from any exposed Chests if hungry. So it’s a good idea to ensure there are no holes in your bases or ways for them to get in. Rarely, they’ll also steal from Villagers, and not just food items.

Blue Jay on a Raccoons Back
Blue Jay on a Raccoons Back

Feeding Glow Berries to a Blue Jay and then to a Raccoon will make the Blue Jay ride the Raccoon into combat, fighting alongside each other. To remove the Blue Jay, just feed it some Glow Berries.

A secret skin exists for the Raccoon, which can be obtained by naming it ‘Rigby’. This is based on the character with the same name from the ‘Regular Show’.