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Before heading to space with the Ad Astra mod, you’ll need to have a comprehensive source of Oxygen. This includes inside your Space Suit and in additional Oxygen Tanks, allowing you to survive on other worlds for longer.

Crafting the Oxygen Loader

Firstly, you will need to craft an Oxygen Loader. These are complicated to craft, requiring multiple items from the Ad Astra mod, including Iron Rods, Steel Plates, and Oxygen Tanks.

Oxygen Loader Recipe
Oxygen Loader Recipe

An entire Oxygen Loader requires 4 Steel Plates, 2 Oxygen Tanks, 1 Engine Fan, 1 Redstone Block, and 1 Lightning Rod. Using either Just Enough Items or Roughly Enough Items is recommended to see each recipe. However, the slideshow below should give you a brief idea of how to craft some of the required items.

Oxygen Loaders also require power to function. One of the cheapest and easiest options for powering an Oxygen Loader is using a Coal Generator. These need a Furnace, 2 Iron Ingots, and 6 Iron Plates. Place Iron Ingots inside a Crafting Table alongside a Hammer to craft Iron Plates.

Coal Generator Recipe
Coal Generator Recipe

Place a Coal Generator down, and right-click to open the interface. Inside, Coal can be placed and it will begin to generate power. An Oxygen Loader can be set to the side of a Coal Generator, and power will automatically transfer between them. Or Steel Cables can be created to transfer power over multiple blocks.

Creating Oxygen

Within Ad Astra, Oxygen can be created from Water. When right-clicking the Oxygen Loader, you’ll see a window similar to the screenshot below. In the top-left corner, place Buckets of Water, and they will be loaded into the machine, and the Buckets will be returned.

Another option is to use a Water Pump, and connect Water to the Oxygen Loader using Fluid Pipes, though that’s a more tedious but automated process. The far-right column shows the power received by the machine, and while the machine is receiving power, Water will be converted into Oxygen.

Oxygen Loader Interface
Oxygen Loader Interface

The bar in the middle shows the amount of Oxygen stored within the Oxygen Loader. Finally, an item can be placed in the top-right slot to transfer Oxygen, such as Oxygen Tanks or a Space Suit.

When an Oxygen Tank is filled, it can be right-clicked to transfer the Oxygen into the Space Suit, like it’s a consumable item.