After collecting enough Calorite from Venus, you should be able to craft the Tier 4 Rocket. This will allow you to exit the Solar System and enter Proxima Centauri, where you can land on Glacio, a desolate and frozen planet.

About Glacio

Although Glacio is a challenging planet to access, requiring a Tier 4 Rocket, it is surprisingly safe. Despite being cold and icy, it only reaches temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, which means it is possible to survive there without needing any special equipment.

Glacio also produces Oxygen, so no Space Suits or Oxygen Generators and Distributors are required. After landing on Glacio, there isn’t much to worry about at all. The surface is made up of Snow Blocks, and the planet is made up of Ice Spikes and Snowy Plains Biomes.

Glacio Biomes
Glacio Biomes

However, there is Powdered Snow, which players can fall through and freeze to death. For that reason, you should equip Leather Boots, which will prevent you from falling through the snow and making you immune to any damage.

Glacian Rams

The only creature that can be found on Glacio is the Glacian Ram. It’s a hybrid of a Goat and a Sheep, and these are peaceful creatures that can be found all throughout the planet, with both adult and baby variants.

Glacian Ram
Glacian Ram

Glacian Rams have 16 health in total, and can often be found in small herds. Currently, they have no drops, so aren’t worth slaying. Shears can be used on them to give Glacian Fur, which can be used as a fuel source.

Future of Glacio

Glacio is a relatively pointless planet to visit, as it doesn’t offer anything regarding progression within Ad Astra. So, there are no special blocks to collect, structures to find, or NPCs to interact with.

Ad Astra is due for a rework in the future. Unfortunately, Glacio seems to be one of the planets that will likely be removed. One of the only reasons to visit Glacio is to collect some of the decorative blocks that can be used for your bases on other planets or the Overworld.