Pet Dragons Texture Pack

Turn Wolves into fully animated Dragons and dye them lots of different colors!

The Pet Dragons Resource Pack is an overhaul to Wolves. After installing it, they’ll be turned into Dragons instead, which hover above the ground and flap their wings. Every few seconds, they’ll also blow steam from their mouth, like they’re about to breathe fire.

Red Pet Dragon
Red Pet Dragon

Dragons are able to come in 13 different colors. To change the color, simply right-click it while holding a Dye. This process replaces what normally changes the Collar color of a Wolf.

As these Dragons are much larger than Wolves, the hit boxes are a bit different. You’ll only be able to interact with a Dragon when right-clicking near its feet that are close to the ground. Likewise, firing Arrows at a Dragon won’t hurt it if the Arrow collides with the upper-body area.

So take that into consideration when trying to tame them too. You’ll need to right-click them with a Bone near their feet.

Dragon in Netherite Armor
Dragon in Netherite Armor

For another cosmetic change, Dragons can be made to wear Netherite Armor. To do that, give the Dragon any name-tag, just make sure that it contains the word ‘armor’. The results will be similar to the image above.

Pet Dragons Texture Pack Download

The link above will take you to the Texture Pack page for Pet Dragons. It’s recommended to only download mods from the actual developer, as they are vetted to ensure that they’re safe, up to date and that the developer receives credit.