Fresh Animations Texture Pack

Fresh Animations overhauls many of Minecrafts animations, especially ones that are connected to creatures. The likes of Villagers, Iron Golems, Zombies, Skeletons and more will all move in an immersive, believable and realistic way.

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About Fresh Animations

With Fresh Animations installed, you’ll notice that many of Minecrafts creatures now move more realistically. It almost appears like they have more limbs, with mobs even being able to move their eyes.

Most creatures are currently overhauled. But if you want the full list, then expect to find changes to: Villagers, Iron Golems, Witches, Vindicator, Evoker, Pillager, Ravager, Creeper, Zombie, Husk, Zombie Villager, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Illusioner, Pig, Wandering Trader, Phantom, Blaze, Enderman, Squid, Guardian, Elder Guardian, Spider, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Vex, Drowned, Stray, Sheep, Cow, Mooshroom, Chicken, Dolphin, Turtle, Llama, Trader Llama, Fox, Giant, Horse, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Donkey, Mule, Wolf, Ocelot, Cat and Parrots.

A bonus add-on pack is included, which should be loaded after Fresh Animations. With it installed, you’ll find animated blinking textures, more model details as well as extra variants for some mobs.

For Fresh Animations to function, it’s required that you install Optifine. Sadly, it’s impossible to get the pack working without it.

Fresh Animations Gallery

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Fresh Animations Texture Pack Download


The links above will take you to the CurseForge/PlanetMinecraft page for the Fresh Animations Texture Pack. That way, you can ensure you’re receiving the latest version of the Resource Pack from the developers, and that it’s safe.

How to Install

Installing a Texture/Resource Pack to Minecraft is simple. Just follow the steps below:
  1. Download the Texture/Resource Pack for your version of Minecraft. Having the correct version isn't too important. You can even download a Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2, and have it work in Minecraft 1.18.2 for example. Though it's still recommended to download it for the correct version of Minecraft, if it's available.
  2. You should receive a .ZIP file, which is the Texture Pack.
  3. Open Minecraft, and in the menu, go to Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder.
  4. Place the .ZIP file you just downloaded in the folder that just opened, which should be the resourcepacks folder in your Minecraft directory.
  5. In Minecraft, enable the Resource Pack, and you're done!

Sometimes, a Texture Pack might not show up in the list, meaning it can't be enabled. If that happens, you may have to open the .ZIP file, with a program like WinRar or 7Zip, and extract it into the resourcepacks folder instead.