There are hundreds of sites hosting Minecraft content when they don't have permission, and this might include Texture Packs, Mods, Datapacks and Maps. These are known as 'reposting sites'. Generally, these are frowned upon in the Minecraft community.

These sites are essentially stealing content and taking away the hard work of others who want to produce high-quality content for you, members of the Minecraft community.

On this page, we want to inform you a bit more about reposting sites, give you our stance, and discuss the changes we're making here and how we showcase content.




When downloading Minecraft resources from third-party sites, the chances are high that the file is an old release. That means it likely contains bugs, or features that are missing from newer versions. When they create a page containing a download to a mod, it’s never updated again.


Minecraft developers are able to receive an income from creating mods, whether it be through the CurseForge rewards program, Patreon, advertising or more. Downloading files from reposting websites strips developers of potential income, as well as incentives to create more content in the future.


There’s no guarantee that the files you’re downloading from reposting websites are safe. Owners of these websites can easily hijack the files and insert viruses into them, which might not only steal your Minecraft login, but logins to any other websites that you use. They’re able to do this using Keyloggers.


The content on most reposting sites aren’t even created by humans. They use robots to scan CurseForge each day, and simply copy and paste the page. They then use AI to switch the words around a bit in an attempt to evade a Google penalty. The result is articles that are irrelevant, spammy and provide 0 insight.

What About


We're never going to upload files to our site that you can download directly, simply because of the reasons mentioned above. What we hope to do is showcase mods, texture packs and data packs while ensuring developers are credited, and that we're linking back to the appropriate websites. All of the content we showcase is actually installed, tested and high quality screenshots are taken.

There are a few issues when it comes to CurseForge, especially their filtering. There's no option to filter between both mod loaders and mod versions, and there's too many genres missing that make it impossible to find specific content. The directory has also become bloated with low quality and spammy mods lately.

With all that said, sometimes the content we talk about might be outdated, as well as the available versions, but we'll do our best to keep them updated. We know we're pretty aggressive when it comes to watermarks too. Otherwise, reposting sites will steal them and claim them as their own.