PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse Modpack [1.16.5]

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Governments around the world competed against eachother, trying to be the first to reverse the damage of climate change. By releasing chemicals into the atmosphere without thorough research and testing, a new world was created, one which is roamed by the infected. Their brains have rotted away, and they roam the world aimlessly. All but around 1% of the global population were infected, and the number of survivors grows thinner each day. You’re a police officer, a remnant of the past just trying to survive.


How to Install this Modpack

This modpack is hosted via CurseForge, and they’re in control of installing the pack. You should install the CurseForge Application, which allows you to install modpacks, as well as create your own with just a few clicks.

Once the app is installed, you’ll need to choose a directory to install modpacks to, and connect your Minecraft account. Once it’s installed, you can use the search bar at the top of the CurseForge app to install the modpack, by searching for PwrDown.

Press the Install button, and you’ll be able to start playing the modpack. If you want to remove mods from the pack, then select the modpack, press the … button next to the Play button and select Open Folder. Mods can then be deleted from the mods folder.

Playing This Pack


Mods Breakdown:

  • Bad Mobs: Determines the mobs which can and can’t spawn in your world. With the configuration included in this pack, you’ll find that no other hostile mobs spawn in your world, other than the different variants of Zombies (including Husks).
  • Better Weather: Includes new weather events, such as Acid Rain, Blizzards, Clouds etc. Overall it adds a more gloomy feel to your world, especially with the clouds. Acid Rain fits this pack nicely, as it feels like the world has become radiated, or damaged.
  • Crafting Dead: Add lots of Zombie related items, including weapons, armor and medical items. This mod also includes some new variants of Zombies, which have been disabled in the pack so that Vanilla Zombies can still take their place.
  • Desolation: Brings a new biome to your world, which is the Charred Forest. Again, it fits the pack and world nicely, as it looks like an area which could have been hit by bombs. A new mob spawns there, which is the Blackened, which has been left enabled inside of Bad Mobs.
  • Dynamic Surroundings: Gives a new feeling to your world including some new visual and audio enhancements. It makes Minecraft feel a lot more immersive, and you’ll see aurora effects during the night, with fireflies too. It also includes some new footstep and biome ambience sounds.
  • Enhanced Celestials: Two new moon events come with this mod, which are the Blood Moon and Harvest Moon. They have a low chance of spawning, with a Blood Moon increasing the spawn rate of mobs and preventing the ability to sleep. A Harvest Moon will increase the growth and drop rates of crops.
  • First Join Message: When you load up a world for the first time, you’ll see a message which just adds a little bit or lore to the pack.
  • Guard Villagers: With Villages being a big focus of Zombies, having Guards to protect it is a good choice. They’re equipped with armor and weapons, and unemployed Villagers can be recruited as guards.
  • Improved Mobs: You’ll find a Difficulty value in the top left corner of the screen, which will slowly increase as time progresses. The difficulty determines the health, armor and knockback resistance of mobs. Once you reach difficulty 5, mobs will be able to break blocks. Zombies will also be able to spawn wearing both armor and weapons.
  • Mob Sunscreen: Zombies and other mobs will no longer burn during the daytime, meaning the days are a lot more dangerous.
  • More Zombie Villagers: Each time a Zombie spawns, it will have a small chance of spawning as a Zombie Villager instead, adding a little more variety to your world. Currently defined at a 25% chance.
  • SecurityCraft: Lots of new items which help with defense. Retinal scanners, alarms, explosives, CCTV cameras and more. Essentially lots of items which should help keep a Village safe, but it’s especially useful on multiplayer servers.
  • Starter Kit: Allows the player to start with a few items which make early-game survival a little easier. Specifically, you’ll spawn with some police uniform, a baton, shield, food and a med-kit.
  • The Lost Cities: Spruces up world generation, allowing large abandoned cities to spawn all across your world. They’re fun to explore, great to build in and just give an abandoned feeling to the game.
  • ToroHealth Damage Indicators: Each time you hit a mob, you’ll see the amount of damage dealt. There’s also health bars displayed for each mob, allowing you to see their total health, and the amount of health that they have left.
  • Travelers Backpack: A complex backpack mod, which features a built in crafting table, bed, fluid tanks and 45 inventory slots. Also sits on the players back without taking up the chest slot, making a great addition to any modpack.
  • Vending Machines: These spawn in Villages, and will have 7 different items for sale which can be purchased with Emeralds. Each day, the Vending Machine will reset with different items.
  • Xaeros Minimap: Adds a Minimap to the top left corner of your screen, showing all of your surroundings. It also shows dropped loot, as well as mobs in the area. It’s very configurable, and can also store waypoints.
  • Zombie Extreme: Another large Zombie mod. First change is that lots of small structures will spawn in your world, which mostly consist of houses and stores. Adds a lot of new items too, which includes both melee and ranged weapons, food, medical items and more. You’ll also find lots of new Zombies, which range in size, design and stats.
  • Zombie Horse Spawn: Also allows Zombies to spawn in your world riding Zombie Horses. Currently has a 15% chance of spawning in place of regular zombies.