Wizards Mod

Wizards is a detailed mod that allows you to cast spells in Minecraft with either Wands or Staffs. Doing so requires Runes, and the mod also introduces some new structures, and a new Villager profession.

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Wizard Robes

Firstly, the Wizards mod adds a new outfit consisting of a Hat, a Robe Top, Robe Bottoms, and Boots. To craft them, you’ll require 9 Lapis Lazuli, and 14 Wool, which can be any color. See the image below for the individual recipes.

Wizard Robes Recipes
Wizard Robes Recipes

Each piece of the Wizard outfit will grant a +1 bonus to Arcane, Frost, and Fire Spell Power, increasing the damage of those spells. Equipping the entire outfit will also grant 7 Armor points for general defenses.


Regarding weapons, there are 4 Wands that you can start with. Each of these has a crafting recipe, as shown on the slideshow below, and consist of the Novice Wand, Arcane Wand, Frost Wand, and Fire Wand.

These have different abilities, with the Novice Wand being able to conjure a Fireball at targets, up to 64 blocks away, at the cost of Fire Runes. Arcane Wands can shoot a bolt of energy at a target, at the cost of Arcane Runes.

Using a Fire Wand will also conjure a Fireball, however it deals slightly more damaged compared to casting it with the Novice Wand. And the Frost Wand can summon bolts of Frost at targets, which requires Frost Runes. When hovering over a Wand with your cursor, you can hold ALT to see more information about it.


There is also 3 new Staffs, and these are more costly to craft compared to Wands. These too are made from Fire, Frost, and Arcane. Compared to Wands, they’re more powerful, as they have multiple spell types that can be switched between.

But to be able to actually use the Wand, Spells will need to be applied to it. For that, a Spell Binding Table is required, and these can be crafted from 2 Amethyst Shards, 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Book, and 3 Polished Diorite.

Spell Binding Tables work a lot like Enchanting Tables. To use it to its full potential, a Spell Binding Table should be surrounded by Bookcases. Lapis Lazuli will also need to be placed inside along with the Staff, and adding Spells will cost levels worth of experience (10, 20 and 30 levels worth).

Spell Binding Table Recipe
Spell Binding Table Recipe

Spells cast with Staffs still require Runes. Near the hotbar, a Spell Bar should now be visible, which can be accessed by pressing the Z key. Use the scroll wheel to choose a spell, then press Z again to switch back to the regular hotbar. Below is a list of Spells available for each Staff.

Fire Staff:

  1. Fireball: Launches a ball of fire, causing 3.6 – 5.4 fire spell damage. Range of 64 blocks.
  2. Fire Breath: Incinerates targets in front, dealing up to 3.6 – 5.4 fire spell damage every second. Range of 10 blocks.
  3. Meteor: Crashes a meteor on the target, causing up to 4 – 6 fire spell damage within 6 blocks.

Frost Staff:

  1. Frost Bolt: Launches a ball of frost, causing 3.2 – 4.8 frost spell damage and slowing the target on impact. Range of 64 blocks.
  2. Frost Nova: Freezes targets around you for 6 seconds, causing 0.8 – 1.2 frost spell damage and blocking their movement. Frozen targets are vulnerable to frost magic. Range of 6 blocks.
  3. Frost Shield: Protects you from attacks, projectiles and fire for 8 seconds, but also slows down your movement.

Arcane Staff:

  1. Arcane Missile: Shoots a bolt of energy, causing 2.4 – 3.6 arcane spell damage. Range of 64 blocks.
  2. Arcane Blast: Blasts the target, causing 3.6 – 5.4 arcane damage. Grants Arcane Power, stacking up to 3 times. Range of 16 blocks.
  3. Arcane Beam: Channels a beam of energy, dealing 4 – 6 arcane damage every second. Consumes Arcane Power, range of 32 blocks.


Inside of Villages, the Wizard Merchant can be found spawning in a new structure, which looks like a Wizard Tower. Runes, Staffs and Wands can all be crafted, but with enough Emeralds, they can also be obtained from Wizard Merchants.

The Wizard Merchant
The Wizard Merchant

They also sell Wizard Robes, which you might want to obtain. The structure consists of multiple floors, and on the top floor is a Chest which will contain Wizard-related items, such as Runes.

Wizards Mod Download

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How to Install

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