Wandering Bag Mod

Wandering Bag adds 3 new Loot Bags into Minecraft. When these are opened, they’ll provide you with loot, as well as Relics which give some special effects and abilities.

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Wandering Bag

The first item included with the mod is the Wandering Bag. It can only be obtained by killing the Wandering Trader.

When opening the Wandering Bag, you can receive items like Emeralds, Glowstone Blocks, Diamonds, Seeds, and Buckets of Fish. A Wandering Trader has a 100% chance of dropping the Wandering Bag.

Wandering Bag Relics
Wandering Bag Relics

There are 5 Relics included, some of which will aid in combat. First is the Sword of Elsewhere, which deals an area of effect when swung. It also deals 8 Attack Damage, making it as strong as a Netherite Sword.

The Hammer of the Farlands is another melee weapon, which deals 16 Attack Damage, making it incredibly powerful. When hitting an enemy with this weapon, they’ll be knocked into the air slightly. By using a Bucket of the Unknown, you can store experience to keep it safe.

Interacting with the Flute of Friendship will instantly give the player the ‘Hero of the Village Effect’. Finally, there are Spices from Elsewhere. By right-clicking, you can throw these at enemies which will make their main-hand items unusable.

Witch Bag

Next is the Witch Bag, which can be obtained by killing Witches. They have a 50% chance of dropping them.

Each time you open a Witch Bag, you can receive items that aid in potion-making. So expect Glass Bottles, Redstone Dust, Spider Eyes, and Sugar.

Witch Bag Relics
Witch Bag Relics

Once again, there are 5 Relics to talk about. The first is the Mirror of Abundance. When used, it will duplicate the item in your off-hand slot, at the cost of the mirror. So you could have 2 Totems of Undying for example.

Using a Flask of Adaption will give a necessary effect. So if you’re drowning and you drink the Flask of Adaption, you’ll be granted the Water Breathing Effect. Whereas the Strange Mixture will just give any positive or negative effect instead.

By using Wither Bonemeal, you can apply the Bonemeal effect to a 3×3 area of crops instantly. The Uncasted Spell is a reusable item and can be used on creatures to turn them into Slimes.

Pillager Bag

Finally, we have the Pillager Bag, which can be dropped by Pillagers. Each time you kill a Pillager, it will have an 8% chance of dropping the Pillager Back. So you might be able to get one from each Outpost cleared.

Pillager Bags offer some not-so-useful items. Inside, you can find Arrows, Potatoes, Leather, Rabbit Hide, and Emeralds.

Pillager Bag Relics
Pillager Bag Relics

Though there are some interesting Relics to find. The Dagger of Traitor deals 6 Attack Damage, but deals bonus damage to Illager mobs. Whereas the Whip of Taming can be used on any creature to ride it. Although their movement can’t be controlled.

Using a Herb of Rescue on a Ravager will tame it, making it passive. By blowing the Ravager Horn, you can give yourself the Bad Omen Effect. Walking into a Village with this effect active will trigger a raid instantly.

Finally, there’s the Bad Tome. When used, it will spawn Evoker Fangs underneath an enemy, at the cost of experience.

Homemade Totem

The mod does also include the Homemade Totem. It works the same as a Totem of Undying, except it’s craftable.

To create it, you’ll need to smelt a Sword from the Elsewhere, Hammer from Farlands, or a Bucket of Unknown in a Blasting Furnace. Doing so will give you an ‘Ingot From Another World’. Combine this item with an Emerald on a Crafting Table, and you’ll receive the Homemade Totem.

Wandering Bag Mod Download

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