Untamed Wilds Mod

Untamed Wilds adds some new creatures into Minecraft which are based on the real world. They have multiple species and behaviors, with them being found across different biomes. Overall, it’s an impressive mod, with the creatures also having some of the best animations seen in an animal themed mod.

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The Aardvark can only be found in Minecrafts Savanna Biomes. They’re nocturnal creatures, so you should only expect to find them during the night.

An Aardvark
An Aardvark

They’ll mostly roam around and dig for food. Occasionally, they can dig up Aardvark Cucumber. These can be consumed by the player to return some health, but also used alongside other mods like Croptopia in recipes such as Salads.

If you slay an Aardvark, then they can drop Rabbit Hide. This is especially useful as Rabbits are quite hard to catch and kill in Minecraft. During the day, you might find Aardvarks curled up and sleeping.


Included with Untamed Wilds is 8 different species of Bears. They can be found in a multitude of Biomes, ranging from warm ones like Jungles, to colder ones like the Snowy Taiga.

A Bear Swimming
A Bear Swimming

They’re very territorial, and will often fight eachother. If a player gets too close, especially to cubs, then a Bear will attack and deal lots of damage. They might even hunt you for food, and raid nearby Chests.

When killed, Bears will drop their Hides, which can be used to create some Bear Rugs. They can also be tamed to pacify them using items like Sweet Berries, Raw Salmon and Apples, but each species have their own taming requirements.

Big Cats

In total, there’s 7 different species when it comes to Big Cats. They include Snow Leopards, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and Mountain Lions. Be careful near Big Cats, if they’re hungry, then they’ll hunt players for food.

big cats
Different Species of Big Cats

Like with Bears, they’ll drop their fur when killed which can be turned into some different Rugs. Each species of Big Cat will accept a different food item to tame them, like Raw Beef, Porkchops and Rabbits.

Untamed Wilds Mod Download

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How to Install

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