Towers of the Wild Mod

Towers of the Wild adds some large structures to your world, which are inspired by Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. A Chest containing loot can be found at the top of these Towers, and they make a great vantage point.

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About the Towers

You’ll often find these Towers spawning throughout your world. It’s possible to climb them, without needing to build or use an Elytra.

Ladders go up the sides of the Towers, which can slowly be climbed. Although falling is possible, and can result in death if you fall from high up. At the top of these Towers are a bit of space, a Lantern, and a Chest containing loot.

Tower in a Jungle
Tower in a Jungle

We recommend pairing Towers of the Wild with some other mods, such as Paragliders, which will allow you to descend from them in a Zelda-like fashion.

Mod Compatibility

Towers of the Wild is compatible with the Waystones Mod. With it installed, a Waystone will now be found at the top of every Tower, which needs to be activated. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to teleport between Towers, turning them into fast-travel locations.

Tower Near an End City
Tower Near an End City

There are also Towers of the Wild Additions. Installing this mod means that you can now find these Towers spawning in both the Overworld and Nether, and it also has compatibility with the Waystones mod.

The base version of Towers of the Wild only adds structures to the Overworld.

Towers of the Wild Variants

There are multiple variants to the Towers of the Wild, depending on the Biome they spawn in. There’s the Derelict Grass Tower, Derelict Tower, Ice Tower, Jungle Tower, Ocean Tower, Warm Ocean Tower, and the standard Tower.

Ice Themed Tower
Ice Themed Tower

Between all these variants, there are not a lot of differences. Derelict Towers of the Wild will spawn semi-destroyed, although they can still have loot. Whereas Ice Towers will be frozen towards the bottom, and Jungle Towers will be overgrown with vines.

Towers of the Wild Mod Download

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1.19.2No Release

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How to Install

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