Target Dummy Mod

Target Dummy is also known as MmmMmmMmmMmm. It adds a single item, which is the Target Dummy. Place it down in your world and attack it, to get a good idea of how much damage your weapon deals. Although they make great decoration blocks too, for your towns.

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Target Dummy Recipe

A Target Dummy is cheap and easy to craft. Simply place a Hay Bale above an Armor Stand inside a Crafting Table. The easiest way to obtain a Hay Bale is from a Village, or by combining Wheat. Whereas Armor Stands can be crafted from 6 Sticks and a Smooth Stone Slab.

Target Dummy Recipe
Target Dummy Recipe

Place the Target Dummy in a location of your choosing. Like an Armor Stand, the Target Dummy can face 16 different directions, with it being determined by the location you’re placing it from. You can pick up the Target Dummy at any time by sneaking and right-clicking it.

Target Dummy Usage

When a Target Dummy is placed down, you can hit it with a weapon. The amount of damage you deal will be shown, as an attack damage indicator that pops up. These will hover around for a few seconds before disappearing.

Target Dummy Wearing Armor
Target Dummy Wearing Armor

This mod is great for testing out all your weapons, as well as Enchantments. Target Dummies have unlimited health, so don’t worry about potentially breaking them. Swing away!

Interacting with the Target Dummy while holding armor pieces, it will equip them. There are slots for a Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots. Therefore, you can also test how much damage you deal against different armor types. Remove armor pieces by simply right-clicking one of its body parts.

Additional Features

There are some interesting features included with the mod. As an example, the Smite Enchantment provides bonus damage to undead mobs, which the Target Dummy isn’t.

Testing Damage on a Zombie
Testing Damage on a Zombie

However, by applying a Zombie or Skeleton Head to the Target Dummy, you can simulate it being an undead mob, and test out your Smite Enchantment damage. Likewise, you can apply a Turtle Shell Helmet to turn it into a water-based mob, or a Pillager Banner to turn it into a Pillager.

Place a Target Dummy inside a Dispenser to have it placed by a Redstone Signal. You can also use Shears on a Dummy to change the texture of its face.

Target Dummy Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release

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How to Install

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