Structory Mod

Structory adds some new structures into the Overworld. There’s just a few, and most of them are ruins. But either way, they’re worth checking out as they provide potential resting spots on your journeys, and basic loot to help with progress.

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About Structory

In the Ocean, you might find a small boat, which is navigated by a lone Fisherman. It has a novice level, but you can easily increase this through trading. There’s also a Barrel which contains some fishing-related supplies, as well as Emeralds.

boat structure
Fisherman’s Boat

Towering above the trees is the Fire Tower. It also contains a Villager who offers some interesting trades, but you could kill them and take control of the tower, as it has a Bed, Furnace, Cartography Table and a few other objects.

Fire Tower
Fire Tower

Within a Jungle, you can find the Jungle Ruin. There’s not much to find here except a Chest containing loot, as well as a Zombie Spawner which turns this location into a mini dungeon. Nothing of interest can be found at the Northern Ruin, as it’s mostly just piles of Rubble.

Jungle Ruin
Jungle Ruin

But there are two Outcast Villager Homes, which can be found in Desert and Grassy Biomes. But don’t be deceived by the name, as these can contain both Pillagers and Villagers. These are much bigger than regular Villager homes, and they contain a good amount of Chests and Barrels.

Outcast Villager Home

Two more ruins can be found for Grassy Biomes and Swamps. The biggest of the two is the Swamp Ruin, which can be found spread over multiple chunks. Like with the other structures, there’s a few Chests to be found.

Surface Ruin
Surface Ruin

Finally, there’s two more structures, and these are also both Ruins. They’re the Taiga Surface Ruin and Taiga Underground Ruin. In the underground ruin, you’ll find a few Illagers and Witches.

Structory Mod Download

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How to Install

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