Stoneholm Underground Villages Mod

Stoneholm adds a new type of Village into Minecraft, which can be found underground. Below the surface, Villagers thrive in long stone hallways. A mod like this would be great for a post-apocalyptic world, where civilizations have moved underground.

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About Stoneholm

You can start using the /locate command to find Stoneholm Underground Villages. Although you might also find entrances on the surface, which look like the image below. It consists of a spiral staircase that can be walked down.

Entrance to a Stoneholm Village
Entrance to a Stoneholm Village

Like in regular Villages, you’ll still find an Iron Golem here. Most of the Villagers already have professions too, as multiple rooms can spawn that contain job site blocks.

Villages provided by Stoneholm are randomly generated, so don’t expect to always find the same design. There are even farm animals in these Villages, which have grassy areas.

Size of a Stoneholm Village
Size of a Stoneholm Village

If you’re running a post-apocalyptic world, then this mod is worth installing. It gives the feeling that Villagers have been forced underground, where it’s safer. Although not as safe as you’d expect.

Some parts of Stoneholm Villages are abandoned. These sections are usually closed off, but they’re worth breaking into as there are usually quite a few Chests with loot inside. Reclaiming these areas is also a good idea for expanding the Village later on if that’s what you want.

Stoneholm Mod Download

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How to Install

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