Stalwart Dungeons Mod

Stalwart Dungeons introduces 3 Dungeons into Minecraft, found in the Nether and End. They’re accompanied by some new items, weapons, materials and armor. Items exist in creative mode which allow you to spawn these Dungeons, but they can also be found naturally generating.

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Keeping Castle

The first Dungeon that you might find with Stalwart Dungeons installed is the Keeping Castle. It can be found spawning in the Nether Waste or Crimson Forest Biomes, and consists of multiple towers.

Keeping Castle

Some creatures that spawn here are the Giddy Blaze, which drop Blaze Rods. A few paths might look blocked off by runic walls, but right click these blocks to open them. As you work your way through the structure, you’ll eventually discover the boss room.

Hanging from the ceiling is a Nether Keeper Altar. Right click it with a Nether Star, and the Nether Keeper will spawn.

The Nether Keeper

The Nether Keeper has 80 Health, and 15 points of Armor. It also has a high knockback effect, which will send you into the Lava pools around the room. Make sure to bring high level equipment, food and Potions.

As a drop, you can receive the Ancient Fire. It’s a crafting ingredient, used in recipes for the Igniter, Nether Hammer and Transient Block. Dotted around the Nether Castle is lots of Chests containing loot.

Awful Dungeon

Another location in the Nether is the Awful Dungeon. To find it, try searching in the Soul Sand Valley and Warped Forest Biomes. It looks like a giant Fortress, made up of Soul Magma Blocks.

The Awful Dungeon

A few creatures live in the Awful Dungeon. Often, you’ll find the Reinforced Blaze and the Incomplete Wither. Spread throughout the Awful Dungeon are some dangerous blocks too, like the Pusher, which can send you to dangerous locations.

The Incomplete Wither

At the center of the Awful Dungeon is another Altar. Use a Nether Star on it to summon the Awful Ghast, the boss of this Dungeon. It looks like a regular Ghast, but mutated into multiple Ghasts all stuck together.

Awful Ghast

This is a difficult fight, as the Ghast will often launch projectiles at you, which set you on fire and knock you away. It’s also able to put items in your inventory on cooldown, making them unusable during the fight.

If you defeat the Awful Ghast, then you can receive two items, with the first being the Awful Gun. This gun is able to launch Fireballs as ammunition. You can also receive Awful Crystals, which can be used to tame the Nether Keeper.

End Dungeon

The final Dungeon included with the mod is the End Dungeon. These are a lot smaller than the Dungeons you can find in the Nether.

End Dungeon

Inside, you can find Propulk flying around, which are flying Shulkers, and look a lot like drones. Propulk are going to send you into the air repeatedly. So bring items like a Fishing Rod to grab them, and Ender Pearls to return to the surface safely.


When you’re ready to start the Boss fight, activate the Altar with a Nether Star. The Shelterer will be summoned, which is a large glowing cube. It’s invincible to all damage, except for explosions.

The Shelterer

The easiest way to defeat the Shelterer is to bring stacks of TNT. At the bottom of the Dungeon, below the Shelterer is a TNT Obsidian Block. You can right click this with TNT, which sends them up to deal damage.

After defeating the Shelterer with TNT, just the eye will be left. This can be killed with a Sword or Bow. The Shelterer drops Void Crystals, which can be used to create a Teleporter, or Chorundum Armor.

Stalwart Dungeons Mod Download

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