Spirit Mod

Spirit is a magic-based mod, where you’ll harvest the Souls of creatures in your world. These can be used to create Spawners of your own, or empower some new tools and weapons.

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One of the main mechanics of Spirit is Engulfing. It involves throwing items into a fire and receiving other items in return. Only Soul Fire is applicable, and the process only works when it’s on either Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

Spirit engulfing structure
Engulfing Structure Layout

Whenever this guide refers to the ‘Engulfing Structure’, know that it’s referring to a structure like in the image above. It’s 4 blocks, surrounding a Soul Fire in the middle.

Creating a Soul Crystal

As previously mentioned, you’re going to need access to a Soul Fire right away to begin the Engulfing process. For this first step, all that’s required is a single Fire on a Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

Soul Powder Recipe
Soul Powder Recipe

Throw some Glowstone Dust onto a Soul Fire, and it will turn it into Soul Powder. After throwing the Glowstone Dust, you’ll need to wait a few seconds before it will be converted. You can throw multiple items at once, but only one item will be converted every few seconds.

To create a Soul Crystal, you’ll only need 1 Soul Powder. Create an Engulfing Structure from 4 Quartz Blocks with a Soul Fire in the middle. Go ahead and add the Soul Powder, which will give you a Soul Crystal Shard in return, and the structure made from Quartz Blocks will be destroyed.

Soul Shard Recipe
Soul Shard Recipe

The next step involves creating Soul Slate, and 4 of these are required. They can be obtained similar to Soul Powder, just throw 4 Deepslate onto a Soul Fire and wait a few seconds.

Soul Slate Recipe
Soul Slate Recipe

Use these to create another Engulfing Structure similar to the one we made previously from Quartz Blocks. When throwing the Soul Shard into the Soul Fire here, the structure will be destroyed again, and the Soul Shard will be turned into a Crude Soul Crystal.

Crude Crystal Recipe
Crude Crystal Recipe

The final step is to turn this into the Soul Crystal. Using 4 Lapis Lazuli Blocks, create yet another Engulfing Structure with a Soul Fire in the middle. Throw 4 Tinted Glass into the Soul Fire, and they’ll be turned into 4 Soul Glass. 

Soul Glass Recipe
Soul Glass Recipe

Though this time, the structure won’t be destroyed, and you can keep the Lapis Lazuli blocks. 

Soul Crystal Recipe
Soul Crystal Recipe

Using the 4 Soul Glass you just created, create an Engulfing Structure out of it. Add your Crude Soul Crystal to the fire, and it will be turned into a regular Soul Crystal after a few seconds. It was a long process, but you now have the Soul Crystal required to start collecting Souls.

Creating Soul Steel Ingots

One new material provided by the mod is Soul Steel, and we’ll talk about its uses in a moment. But first, let’s look at the process of creating it.

Creating a single Soul Steel Ingot will require you to make 4 Soul Powder Blocks, and each one of these requires 4 Soul Powder, so you’ll need 16 Powder in total. Place these as an Engulfing Structure, and throw an Iron Ingot into the flames.

Soul Steel Ingot Recipe
Soul Steel Ingot Recipe

You’ll be given 1 Soul Steel Ingot in return, and the structure will be destroyed. So you’ll need to repeat this process multiple times depending on the number of Ingots you require.

Soul Steel Equipment

A new set of tools and weapons can be made from Soul Steel and includes an Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Hoe, Sword, Bow, and Wand. They’re ranked in between Diamond and Netherite when it comes to their stats. Instead of using Sticks in their recipes, they use Netherrack instead.

Soul Steel Sword Recipe
Soul Steel Sword Recipe

One interesting feature about Soul Steel equipment is that they can be empowered, depending on the Souls stored in your Soul Crystal. Items can be empowered by pressing the V key, and this acts as a toggle, turning the Empowerment on or off.

When enabled, your equipment will have a special ability, depending on which mob souls are stored within your Soul Crystal. Items can inflict effects like Poison, Slow Falling, Blindness, or even cause Explosions when striking a target. Each time these effects take place, a Soul will be consumed from the Crystal.

Soul Steel Bow
Soul Steel Bow

Other useful features exist, as items like the Soul Steel Bow don’t require Arrows as ammunition, as it uses stored Souls instead. Soul Steel Swords will also give twice the amount of Souls when slaying a creature. These items are easily repairable too, just throw them into a Soul Fire for a short amount of time.

Soul Cages

Spawners that generate naturally in locations like Dungeons can now be mined with a regular Pickaxe. Doing so will give you a Broken Spawner in return, and these need to be turned into Soul Cages.

Spawner in a Dungeon
Spawner in a Dungeon

It’s a very expensive process. You’ll need to create an Engulfing Structure using 4 Soul Steel Blocks. A single Soul Steel Block requires 9 Soul Steel Ingots, so it’s going to cost at least 36 Iron Ingots and a lot of Glowstone Dust. When the Broken Spawner is added to the Soul Fire, it will be turned into the Soul Cage.

Soul Cage Recipe
Soul Cage Recipe

When you have at least 64 Souls stored within the Soul Crystal, it can be placed inside a Soul Cage. Doing so will cause mobs to spawn during the night, and at any time, the Soul Crystal can be removed again and added to your inventory.

Soul Cage Tiers

There are 4 tiers to the Soul Cage, and the tier is determined by the number of Souls stored within a Soul Crystal.

The first tier is Eins and requires 64 Souls. Mobs will spawn randomly between every 15 and 50 seconds, with 3 mobs spawning per cycle and up to 5 blocks away. Mobs are only able to spawn if the player is less than 16 blocks away.

Next is Zwei, which requires 128 Souls. Mobs will spawn randomly between every 7 and 30 seconds, with 5 mobs spawning per cycle and up to 7 blocks away. Mobs can only spawn if the player is less than 24 blocks away.

Drei is the 3rd tier, requiring 256 Souls. Mobs will be able to spawn randomly between every 4 and 20 seconds, with up to 7 mobs spawning per cycle and up to 9 blocks away. Mobs are only going to spawn if the player is less than 32 blocks away.

Finally, there’s Vier, which is the 4th tier. 512 Souls are required to unlock it, and it will allow creatures to spawn between every 1 and 15 seconds, and up to 9 can spawn per cycle. They’re able to spawn within 11 blocks from a Soul Cage, and the player doesn’t have to be nearby for it to work. Unlock the other tiers, it’s controllable with Redstone and ignores normal spawning conditions.


A Pedestal can be crafted with 7 Soul Slates, which are made by throwing Deepslate onto a Soul Fire. These can be placed down and used for decoration, or for summoning mobs, but we’ll talk about that shortly.

A Pedestal can be upgraded into a Crystal Pedestal, requiring 3 Soul Slate, 3 Soul Steel Ingots, and a standard Pedestal. One use for these is to place a Crude Soul Crystal on top and then right-click with your standard Soul Crystal to clear it of all stored Souls. That way, you can start fresh with a new mob, but be careful as this process is irreversible.

Finally, you can upgrade the Crystal Pedestal further into a Soul Pedestal, costing 3 Soul Slate, 2 Soul Steel Ingots, 1 Soul Steel Block, and a Crystal Pedestal. 

One use for the Crystal Pedestal is that you can place a Soul onto it from your Crystal, and use the Soul Steel Wand to convert it into a Crude Soul. Then it can be stored inside a Crude Soul Crystal, giving you a place to store any leftover and unwanted souls that might be useful for the likes of Soul Steel Bow ammunition.

Though the main use for Pedestals is transmutation. Using Souls, you can transform them into other entities, as long as you have the required items. At the time of this video, no recipes were included with the vanilla mod, but there are packs available on the developer’s Discord that add some different recipes and options. You need to place the Soul Pedestal in the middle, and surround it with 8 standard Pedestals.


The Soul Reaper Enchantment exists, and it can be applied to the likes of your Soul Steel Swords. With a maximum level of 3, killing a creature with the Enchantment applied will give you 5 Souls instead of 1 when using the Soul Steel Sword.

Spirit Mod Download

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How to Install

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