Sophisticated Backpacks Mod

The Sophisticated Backpacks mod allows players to craft their own Backpacks, for storage on the go. There are multiple tiers to Backpacks, and there are additional upgrade slots available. Another great feature is that the Backpack can be rendered on the player’s back.

Alternatively, by holding a Backpack, sneaking, and right-clicking, the Backpack can also be placed on the ground. That way, they can be kept safe, or have items piped in and out.

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Backpack Recipe

The Sophisticated Backpack is pretty simple to craft. All you need to do is place 4 Strings, 4 Leather, and a Chest inside a Crafting Table. Use the image below as a reference.

Sophisticated Backpack Recipe
Recipe for the Sophisticated Backpack

This will provide you with a pretty basic Backpack that provides 27 additional slots. The Backpack can be opened at any time by pressing B, although this could be different depending on your control settings. Or you can just right-click while holding the Backpack.

Different Dyes can be applied to the Backpack, by placing it inside the Crafting Table alongside a Dye of your choice.

Wearing the Backpack

There are two ways of wearing a Sophisticated Backpack. The first is by simply placing it in your Chest slot. While it does look cool, it’s slightly disadvantageous, as you have to sacrifice the ability to wear a Chestplate.

player with a sophisticated backpack equipped
Wearing the Backpack

The alternative is to install the mod Curios. Curios expands on the inventory system, adding extra slots. With it installed, the Backpack can also be added to the Back slot of Curios. When the Backpack is on the player’s back, press B to quickly access it.

Backpack Tiers

The first way to upgrade a Backpack is with its base materials. To start, you’ll craft a regular Backpack. However, over time, you can upgrade it so that it’s made from Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite.

iron tier backpack recipegold tier backpack recipediamond tier backpack recipenetherite tier backpack recipe

There are a few cosmetic differences between the tiers. Only the color of the metal straps will change slightly. Instead, there are more changes inside the Backpack, as each tier determines the storage amount and number of upgrade slots.

  1. Regular Backpack: 27 Storage Slots, 1 Upgrade Slot.
  2. Iron Backpack: 54 Storage Slots, 2 Upgrade Slots.
  3. Gold Backpack: 81 Storage Slots, 3 Upgrade Slots.
  4. Diamond Backpack: 108 Storage Slots, 5 Upgrade Slots.
  5. Netherite Backpack: 120 Storage Slots, 7 Upgrade Slots.

These Backpacks can still have Dyes applied to them. The Dye only affects the Leather portion of the Backpack.

Addons & Upgrades

As previously mentioned, each Backpack can receive a certain number of addons, or upgrades. These are crafted, and then placed in the left slots of the Backpacks inventory. It’s worth using a mod like Just Enough Items to see all the available recipes.

There are over 20 different Upgrades available. A lot of these can also be turned into advanced versions, which further improves their effectiveness. All these Upgrades help turn Sophisticated Backpacks into the best Backpack mod currently available.

List of Upgrades

  1. Pickup Upgrade: Makes the Backpack pick-up items, and enters the Backpacks inventory.
  2. Filter Upgrade: Filters items piped in and/or out of the Backpack.
  3. Magnet Upgrade: Items on the ground will be sucked into the Backpack from a range, like a magnet.
  4. Feeding Upgrade: Will feed the player with Food that’s stored inside the Backpack.
  5. Compacting Upgrade: Will compact items into their compressed variants, capped at a 2×2 crafting size. For example, 4 Stone can be compacted into 1 Stone Bricks.
  6. Void Upgrade: Items that are defined in the filter will be voided when placed in the Backpack.
  7. Restock Upgrade: Items from your inventory can be placed inside the Backpack, by sneaking and right-clicking.
  8. Deposit Upgrade: Does the opposite effect. Items from the Backpack will be placed in the inventory instead.
  9. Refill Upgrade: A stack of items in the player’s inventory will be refilled.
  10. Inception Upgrade: Backpacks can be placed inside of Backpacks, allowing for even more storage.
  11. Everlasting Upgrade: Backpacks become destructible. They can’t despawn, or fall into the Void.
  12. Smelting Upgrades: Adds a tab where items can be smelted.
  13. Smoking Upgrade: Allows you to smoke food in a separate tab.
  14. Blasting Upgrade: Blast ores and metals in a separate tab.
  15. Crafting Upgrade: Adds a Crafting Table to the Backpack interface.
  16. Stonecutter Upgrade: Adds a Stonecutter in an upgrade tab.
  17. Stack Upgrade: Multiples the number of stacks that can fit in a single slot. The maximum value of 16.
  18. Jukebox Upgrade: Allows the Backpack to function as a portable Jukebox.
  19. Tool Swapper Upgrade: Automatically swaps the item in the player’s hand to the most useful, when a block is interacted with.
  20. Tank Upgrade: Replaces part of the Backpacks inventory to have fluid storage.
  21. Battery Upgrade: Replaces part of the Backpacks inventory to have energy storage.
  22. Pump Upgrade: Pumps fluids between the Tank Upgrade and adjacent blocks.

Sophisticated Backpacks Mod Download

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How to Install

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