Snowy Spirit Mod

Snowy Spirit adds an assortment of Christmas and Winter themed items into Minecraft. Travel throughout your world on a Sled, set up some festive decorations, and make Gingerbread Cookies with this mod installed!

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One of the most innovative items included with the Snowy Spirit mod is the Sled. It can be crafted from 4 Sticks and 2 Oak Planks, as shown below.

sled recipe
Sled Recipe

Once the Sled is crafted, place it down in your world. You’ll be able to sit on it and use your WASD keys to control the Sled. They provide some positive movement effects when traveling over Snow, like increased movement speed and steering.

wolf on a sled
Wolf Attached to a Sled

However, a tamed Wolf can also be attached to a Sled with a Lead. With a tamed Wolf attached to a Sled, you’ll have even more acceleration and control of the Sled. Although it looks pretty cool too.

Carpets can be added to a Sled to add some color and comfort. It’s worth mentioning that Sleds can also be made from any Wood type. A Chest can also be added to the back of a Sled so that more items can be carried on long journeys.

Occasionally, Igloos will now spawn with a Sled outside. There’s also a Chest, containing some more goodies from the mod.

Decoration Blocks

Included with Snowy Spirit are some new decorations. The first of which is Lights, which can be attached to Leaf Blocks. These come in different colors, and the recipe consists of String, Glowstone Dust, and a Dye of your choice.

christmas lights
Christmas Lights

There’s also Gingerbread. Blocks of Gingerbread or Frosted Gingerbread can be used to make some Gingerbread Houses. There are also Doors and Trapdoors available that match the theme.

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House

Or you can just create some Gingerbread Cookies to eat instead! Ginger is a new crop that can be found in your world. Some other blocks which can be used for decoration are Candy Cane Blocks, Snow Globes, and Wreaths.

Villager AI

During Winter, the AI of Villagers will change, making them more festive. Firstly, they’ll place Wreaths above their doors, and take them down again once Winter is over. Whereas Baby Villagers will pick up Snowballs and throw them at nearby entities.

Wreath Above a Door
Wreath Above a Door

It’s worth using Supplementaries alongside Snowy Spirit. As the two combined will allow Villagers to give presents, which contain goodies. Another mod that works in conjunction with Snowy Spirit is Serene Seasons.

Snowy Spirit Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
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1.16.5No Release
1.17.1No Release
1.20.XForge Fabric

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How to Install

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