Simple Magnets Mod

Simple Magnets adds some new Magnets, which sit in the player’s inventory. They’re able to suck up nearby items and experience off the ground, with lots of configuration options available.

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There are two types of Magnets, with the first just being a regular version. It can be crafted from 5 Iron Ingots, 1 Ender Pearl, 1 Redstone Dust, and 1 Lapis Lazuli. This Magnet can collect items and experience within a 5-block radius.

Magnet Recipe
Magnet Recipe

While holding the Magnet, right-click to toggle it on or off. Or, you can press the H key to toggle a Magnet without having to hold it. There are no additional options available with a regular Magnet. Instead, you’ll need to craft an Advanced Magnet.

Advanced Magnet Recipe
Advanced Magnet Recipe

The Advanced Magnet can be crafted from a Regular Magnet, 4 Gold Ingots, 1 Eye of Ender, 1 Diamond, 1 Redstone Dust, and 1 Lapis Lazuli. Instead, this Magnet can pick up items within an 11-block radius, and has some extra features.

While holding an Advanced Magnet, sneak and right-click to access the options. The first two settings will allow players to determine the range at which both items and experience can be sucked in.

There are also slots where items can be filtered. By choosing the Whitelist or Blacklist option, you can choose which items the Advanced Magnet should either focus on or completely ignore.

Demagnetization Coils

There are two more items included with the mod, and these are Demagnetization Coils. Any items that are dropped within the radius of a Demagnetization Coil won’t be picked up by a Magnet.

Demagnetization Coil Recipe
Demagnetization Coil Recipe

Like with Magnets, there are two different tiers. The first can be crafted from 4 Iron Ingots, 2 Redstone Dust, and a Gold Ingot. When placed down, it has a 5-block radius around it in which items will be ignored by a Magnet.

Advanced Demagnetization Coil Recipe
Advanced Demagnetization Coil Recipe

For some more configuration, craft the Advanced Demagnetization Coil instead. It can be crafted from a regular Demagnetization Coil, 3 Gold Ingots, 2 Redstone Dust, and a Glowstone Dust.

The range of the Advanced Demagnetization Coil is completely configurable on an X, Y, and Z axis. When hovering over a Coil, you’ll see the radius it’s effective at in Minecraft. Coils would likely be most useful at mob farms.

Simple Magnets Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.20.XForge Fabric

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