Savage & Ravage Mod

Savage & Ravage introduces some new mobs themed around Pillagers, such as the Griefer, Executioner, and Creepie. While they have some powerful armor and weapons, you too can obtain and use them in battles.

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Outpost Changes

Savage & Ravage makes some small changes to Pillager Outposts. Mostly, the exterior of the structure has been changed to give it a new design, and more Pillagers can be found spawning within the structure, with more Loot Chests too.

Pillager Outpost
Pillager Outpost

Below an Outpost, you might find a pit containing lots of Creepers, as well as a new mob, the Griefer. Pillager Captains who previously gave the Bad Omen effect won’t do so anymore. This option is configurable.

Burning an Ominous Banner
Burning an Ominous Banner

Instead, you can set an Ominous Banner on fire, which can be found within a Pillager Outpost. Then you’ll be inflicted with Bad Omen, allowing you to start a raid at any Village within your world.


The Griefer uses Creepers to its advantage in fights. You’re able to find a Griefer during a Raid, or they’re commonly found in a pit outside of Pillager Outposts. Griefers throw Creeper Spores at players, which summon Creepies, a smaller version of the Creeper that chases its target and explodes.

Griefer with Creepies
Griefer with Creepies

Killing Griefers will allow you to collect your own Creeper Spores as they are dropped. When thrown, your own Creepies will spawn which are passive and they’ll follow you. When a target attacks you, or you attack them, the Creepies will run to the target and explode.

Alternatively, a Spore Bomb can be crafted from 5 Creeper Spores and 4 Sand. When ignited, more Creepies will spawn than they would by throwing the Creeper Spore, and they’ll hunt a target.

Griefer Armor
Griefer Armor

3 Creeper Spores and 2 Gold Ingots can be turned into Blast Proof Plating. Using 24 of these, you can create a full set of Griefer Armor, which reduces the damage taken from explosions by 100% when wearing the full set.

Blast Proof Plating can be turned into Blast Proof Blocks, which won’t break in the event of an explosion from the likes of Creepers. These have a Block, Stairs and Slab variants, and some can be found near Outposts to be mined.

Finally, a Creeper Spore can be combined with 4 Arrows to create 4 Mischief Arrows. When these hit a target, a Creepie will spawn and explode on the hit enemy.


Another new mob that can only be found during Village Raids is the Executioner. When attacking, the Executioner will pull out a giant weapon called the Cleaver of Beheading.

The Executioner
The Executioner

If you can defeat the Executioner, then it will actually drop this weapon for you. It’s useful in multiplayer servers, as it increases the drop rates of player heads. Stats-wise, it has 12 Attack Damage and 0.6 Attack Speed.

Savage & Ravage Mod Download

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