Rotten Creatures Mod

Rotten Creatures adds some new variants of Zombies into Minecraft, which can spawn in different biomes. Each Zombie also has their own behaviors, styles of attacking, and drops, adding more variety when it comes to the undead.

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The Frostbitten is a frozen Zombie. When a Zombie dies in Powdered Snow, there’s a chance for them to turn into a Frostbitten. Or you can find them naturally spawning in colder Minecraft Biomes.

The Frostbitten
The Frostbitten

When hit by a Frostbitten, players will receive the ‘Freeze’ effect. This effect will cause movement speed to be massively reduced, the screen will become frozen, and targets won’t be able to jump.

The Frostbitten is even able to walk on water. Due to their extreme coldness, any water they walk on will be turned to ice. When killed, Frostbitten will drop Frozen Rotten Flesh. These can be cooked and turned into regular Rotten Flesh or used to brew your own Freeze potions. Or even added as an Arrow tip.

Undead Miner

The Undead Miner can be found spawning with Minecrafts Caves. There are a few different variants, which change their outfit, but also the tier of Pickaxe that they are wielding, such as Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond.

The Undead Miner
The Undead Miner

Each variant has their own chance of spawning, with Diamond being the rarest. Whereas the Golden Pickaxe Zombies can only be found within the Mesa/Badlands Biomes. After killing an Undead Miner, you can receive drops like their Pickaxe, or materials such as Coal and Raw Iron.


Within Minecrafts Swamp Biomes, you can find the Swampy. These are able to spawn as both adult and baby variants, with them having some different behaviors. When hit by an adult Swampy, you will receive the Blindness and Poison debuffs.


Babies will explode instead, leaving behind a cloud of Poison which you shouldn’t step in. Although these poisonous clouds also have a chance of spawning when a Swampy is killed.


When a Zombie dies in Lava, a Burned might be summoned. Although you can also find these naturally spawning within the Nether Wastes Biome. These are also hostile to the Frostbitten, and when hitting a target, they’ll be set on fire.

The Burned
The Burned

When a Burned is low health, it will become ‘crazy’. It will have increased attack damage, knockback resistance and movement speed. And there’s a very small chance for these to spawn naturally.

There’s also the Obsidian Burned, which can be summoned when a Burned touches Water. For it to reignite, the Burned will need to touch Lava again. The Obsidian Burned has higher resistances, and is immune to projectiles while also having a higher attack damage and knockback resistance.

Burned will drop Magma Rotten Flesh. Three of these can be used to smelt a single item, or they can be consumed to give a 50% chance of applying Fire Resistance, or setting the consumer on fire.

Rotten Creatures Mod Download

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