Piglin Expansion Mod

Piglin Expansion brings some additions to the Nether, including some structures and a new set of armor, as well as a staff that can summon lightning.

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When exploring the Nether, there’s two new structures which you might come across. These are the Piglin Fortress, and the Piglin Ship. Long ago, Piglins built these structures to expand on their empire within the Nether.

The Piglin Ship
The Piglin Ship

The Piglin Ship was originally used to transport items, but most are now abandoned, lying as wrecks. Explore the Piglin Ship, and you can find some Chests containing loot, as well as lots of Gold Blocks which can be mined.

The Piglin Fortress
The Piglin Fortress

The other structure is the Piglin Fortress, originally used to conquer locations and keep items safe. Though these aren’t abandoned, and contain lots of Piglin Brutes who don’t want you stealing their items.


A new weapon is included with Piglin Expansion, which is the Piglin Divinity Staff. It can be crafted from a Golden Stick, a Divinity Netherite Ingot and a Piglin Divinity Gem. Most of these items can be obtained through Chests within the new Nether structures shown above.

Piglin Expansion Equipment
Piglin Expansion Equipment

When hitting an entity with a Piglin Divinity Staff, a lightning bolt will be summoned that strikes the target. Whereas the Divinity Netherite is slightly stronger than regular Netherite, with it providing a higher armor bonus.


The final addition is Basalt Tiles. These are some Nether-themed decorative blocks, which would go great for different builds. An easy way to obtain these is by placing regular Basalt inside a Stonecutter.

Basalt Tiles
Basalt Tiles

There’s a few different variations available. Golden Nuggets can be applied to them to cause them to be gilded, or have a Chiseled look by placing them in the Stonecutter again. Slab versions are also available.

Piglin Expansion Mod Download

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