Patina Pipeworks Mod

Patina Pipework’s adds Copper Pipes into Minecraft, a material added with Minecraft 1.18.1. These Pipes have a few uses, such as being used for decorations, or even hydrating Farmland. Like other Copper items, there are also Waxed and Oxidized variants of each block.

Later on, Redstone can be integrated into Patina Pipeworks, so that you can manually or automatically control the flow of water through Copper Pipes. Although it’s worth noting that each Copper Pipe in a setup also has its handle, which can enable or disable water flow.

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Crafting Recipes

3 core items need to be crafted to get started with Patina Pipeworks. The first is the Copper Pipe Base, which requires 8 Copper Pipes and 1 Redstone Dust. This is the main block and is what collects water, and then pushes it through the Pipes.

Next, create a Copper Pipe Valve from 4 Copper Bars. A Copper Valve needs to be placed on the side of the Copper Pipe Base, specifically the side that has all the gauges and dials. Otherwise, it won’t work.

  • copper pipe base recipe

The final item that needs to be crafted is Copper Pipes. In a Crafting Table, 6 of these can be crafted from 6 Copper Ingots, so they’re not too expensive. Once you have all these items, it’s time to get to work.

Connect Pipes

Start placing Copper Pipes from the Copper Pipe Base block. Eventually, point them downwards, so that the hole of the Pipe is above some Crops like you’re going to water them.

cauldron with water
Connected to a Cauldron

A Cauldron filled with Water also needs to be placed adjacent to the Copper Pipe Base. That way, Water can be collected and sent through the Pipes. Over time, the Cauldron will slowly drain and will need to be refilled.

When you’re ready to test the setup, spin the Valve by right-clicking it. If everything has been placed successfully, Water should be coming out of each Pipe. You might have to twist the Valve a few times until all the gauges and dials become active.

pipe setup
Complete Pipe Setup

When Water leaves a Pipe, it will hydrate the Farmland below it in a 3×3 area, promoting crop growth. Although they do just look good for decoration. Water ejected from Pipes can even extinguish fires, so it might be useful setting up a sprinkler system.

Patina Pipeworks Mod Download

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How to Install

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