Overweight Farming Mod

Overweight Farming makes some nice changes to crops. They can now become overweight, turning them into blocks which gives more resources in return. This mechanic can be improved on by wearing a Straw Hat.

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Crop Changes

After installing Overweight Farming, any grown crops now have a chance of becoming ‘overweight’. When that happens, they’ll turn into a block. Types of crops that can become overweight are Melon, Beetroot, Carrot, Potato, Apple and Nether Wart.

Overweight Crops
Overweight Crops in a Farming Patch

Crops have the highest chances of becoming overweight during the night, when the Moon is shining. When harvesting overweight crops, you’ll receive many more foods compared to normal, usually between 8-12 crops.

To harvest them, use a Hoe. Breaking overweight crops with your hands will cause the block to enter your inventory instead.

Straw Hats

A new wearable item that can be equipped into the head slot is the Straw Hat. Players can obtain the Straw Hat by trading with Farmer Villagers, who have a chance to sell them at higher trading levels.

Wearing the Straw Hat
Wearing the Straw Hat

Wearing the Straw Hat will cause all crops grown while wearing it to turn to overweight versions during their final growth stages. When breeding animals, you’ll also have a chance of producing duplets, or even triplets.


Using a Hoe on overweight crops will break them, giving their resources in return. However, if you use an Axe on an overweight crop instead, it will become peeled. Doing this will give Vegetable Peels.

Peeled Beetroot
Peeled Beetroot

Vegetable Peels have a few uses. They can be given to Pigs as a source of food, or placed inside the Composter to create Compost. Block forms are also available which make nice decoration blocks.

Some more mechanics exist when it comes to peeling. Peeling a Water Melon will remove the outer shell, revealing the Seeds. You can repeatedly peel the Water Melon to obtain Seeds, with it eventually becoming seedless.

Peeled Water Melons
Peeled Water Melons

When right clicking on Peeled Water Melons, you can obtain Melon Juice, a new consumable item. Other changes include placing Overweight Potato Blocks over a Campfire to turn them into Overweight Baked Potato’s, or even having them poisoned.

Overweight Farming Mod Download

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How to Install

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