NoCube’s Sea Dwellers Mod

NoCube’s Sea Dwellers adds a new species into Minecraft, called Mermorphs. They have their own Villages and professions, and can be traded with using some new items provided by the mod.

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Sea Villages

In Minecraft’s oceans, you can find a new structure spawning, which is the Sea Village. These are randomly generated and module-based, so expect to find them spawning in different sizes, with different styles of buildings.

A Sea Village
A Sea Village

You might come across ruins, warehouses, homes, stores and more. Occasionally, you can find Chests too which can be searched for loot. Sea Villages are homes to Mermorphs, the main creature provided by the Sea Dwellers mod.


At Sea Villages, you can come across Mermorphs. They’re going to be friendly to other sea creatures, as well as players. Don’t try to attack them with Tridents either, as they’re able to negate the attack, taking no damage.


Like other sea creatures, they’re bound to the ocean, and will die if they spend too much time on land. Mermorphs are able to have different occupations, such as being a Storekeeper, Blacksmith, Farmer, Hunter and Architect.

Mermorphs are also able to spawn in the wild, and they won’t be tied to a Sea Village. These spawn as 4 different types, and can be found in different ocean biomes.

Wild Mermorph
Wild Mermorph

They don’t have any unique trades. Instead, they’ll accept items like Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli and Prismarine Shards. You’re able to convert them into a Sea Village Mermorph by using a Gift of the Sea on them, which is a new item provided by the mod.

It’s also possible to convert regular Villagers into Mermorphs. Hit them with a Splash Potion of Water Breathing, and then use a Heart of the Sea on them. When they’re hit by rain, or enter water, they’ll become a Mermorph. Alternatively, hit a Mermorph with lightning, and it will be converted into a regular Villager.


Trading is one of the main mechanics of NoCube’s Sea Dwellers. Right click on a Mermorph, and you’ll see the types of items they accept. In return, they’ll give you different Treasure Boxes, which can be opened for loot.


One of the main items requested by Mermorphs is Aquamarine. These don’t have a crafting recipe. Instead, they can be obtained through trading with Mermorphs, or by killing Drowned, who are often found at Ocean Ruins.

Armor & Weapons

A new set of armor, tools and weapons is included with NoCube’s Sea Dwellers mod. It’s called Depth Equipment, and can be crafted from Depth Ingots.

Depth Ingots are created from 4 Depth Alloys and 4 Aquamarine. Depth Alloys don’t have a crafting recipe, as they can only be obtained randomly by trading with a Blacksmith Mermorph.

Swimming in Depth Armor
Swimming in Depth Armor

Using this equipment gives bonuses, especially underwater. It’s an upgrade from Diamond equipment, and will provide bonuses like being able to see clearly underwater, have the Dolphins Grace effect, increased breaking speed underwater and the ability to breathe underwater.

NoCube’s Sea Dwellers Mod Download

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How to Install

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