Nether’s Exoticism Mod

Nether’s Exoticism adds some new fruits to the Nether, which can be eaten for effects. But they have other uses, like being turned into Armor, Juices and Potions. A new creature is also included, as well as new trees.

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Nether’s Exoticism includes 5 new fruits, which are based on real life. There’s 1 for each Biome, and they each give an effect when they’re consumed.

Pitaya, in the Warped Forest

In the Basalt Deltas, you can find Jabuticaba, and it gives the Cure Effect. When inside the Warped Forest, you might find Kiwano, which gives Fire Resistance when consumed. Rambutan spawns in the Nether Wastes, and gives the Regeneration Effect. Buddha’s Hand spawns in the Soul Sand Valley, and gives Night Vision. Finally, there’s the Pitaya, which spawns in the Warped Forest and gives the Wither Cure Effect.

By combining 9 of these fruits in a Crafting Table, they can be turned into a fruit crate. These make nice decoration blocks, but can also be broken again to give those 9 fruits back, making them a good option for storage.


A new creature is implemented with Nether’s Exoticism, and it’s called the Moloch. It’s a Nether variant of the Axolotl, with it having a more flaming appearance.

A Moloch
A Moloch

These are able to spawn in all of the Nether’s Biomes. Be careful if you hit them, as you’ll be damaged in return. Occasionally, they will lay Moloch Eggs, which can be thrown like Chicken Eggs to have a chance of spawning a baby.

They can also be picked up in a Bucket, so that they can be transported.

Kiwano Equipment

Kiwano can be found in the Warped Forest, and consuming it gives both the Fire Resistance and Poison Effects for a short amount of time. You’ll also be giving some Kiwano Peel.

Kiwano Armor
Kiwano Armor

Using 24 of these, a full set of Kiwano Armor can be created. When this is worn, damage taken when on fire will be reduced. Tools can also be created from Kiwano Peels, and these will smelt broken items. For example, mining Iron Ore with a Kiwano Pickaxe will give Iron Ingots.

Rambutan Armor

More equipment can be created from Rambutan, which spawns in the Nether Wastes. A full set can’t be created, only a Helmet and Shield.

Rambutan Equipment
Rambutan Equipment

This equipment is spiky, so if a mob touches you, they’ll take damage instantly. You can also just walk into a creature to damage it. Doing so will also give you the Porcupine Advancement.

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