Nether’s Delight Mod

Nether’s Delight is an expansion to Farmer’s Delight, adding lots of meals and foods which can be created from the Nether. Some relatable blocks are also included, like the Blackstone Stove.

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Blackstone Stove

In Farmer’s Delight, the Stove can be used to cook food, using items like the Skillet or Cooking Pot. A Nether variant has been included with Nether’s Delight, which is the Blackstone Stove.

Blackstone Stove Recipe

To create this Stove, combine 3 Nether Bricks, 4 Polished Blackstone Bricks and a Campfire in a Crafting Table.  It acts like a Campfire, except it can cook 6 raw food items at once by placing them on top.

Or you can cook larger meals through the Cooking Pot, which will boil when placed above the Blackstone Stove.


A new plant that can be found in the Nether is the Propelplant Stem. You have the best chance of finding these by looking inside the Crimson Forest, and they’ll grow upwards like Sugar Canes.

Propelplant Growing in the Crimson Forest

When harvesting Propelplant Stems, they can explode. One way to prevent this is by breaking them with a Knife, starting from the top-most block. In return, you’ll receive Propelplant Canes.

Alternatively, you can use Shears on Propelplants instead to get Propelpearls. These Pearls can be used to make Nether Skewers, Magma Gelatin or Propelplant Torches. Canes can also be used to create these Torches, but can be placed on a Cutting Board aswell to create Gunpowder.

Stuffed Hoglin

One of the largest meals and feasts you can create with Nether’s Delight is the Stuffed Hoglin. First, you’ll need to create a Raw Stuffed Hoglin from Warped Roots, Crimson Fungus, Crimson Roots, 2 Hoglin Loin, 2 Ham, 1 Hoglin Hide and 1 Nether Salad.

Stuffed Hoglin Recipe

Most of these items can be obtained from killing Hoglins in the Nether. You’ll improve your chances of receiving Hoglin Hide, Ham and Loins by using a Knife when killing a Hoglin. Nether Salads can simply be made by combining a Bowl, Warped Fungus and Crimson Fungus.

Cooked Stuffed Hoglin

Place a Raw Stuffed Hoglin and 2 Nether Salads in a Cooking Pot, and you’ll receive a Stuffed Hoglin. This can be placed down, like on the image above. A Knife is required to cut away the first parts like Hoglin Ears. Players can then use Bowls to collect meals like Plates of Roasted Hoglin.

Nether’s Delight Mod Download

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