Nether Depths Upgrade Mod

Nether Depths Upgrade expands on the Nethers lava oceans. In them, you can find an assortment of fish, which can be caught, and their materials used in some crafting recipes, which will further benefit you when exploring the Nether.

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Several new items are included with Nether Depth’s Upgrade, which helps explore the Nether Dimension. Firstly, using a Lava Pufferfish, which can be caught with a Fishing Rod, will allow you to create a Potion of Lava Vision. Consuming this will remove the fog when under lava, allowing you to see clearly.

Potion of Lava Vision
Potion of Lava Vision

After catching Soul Suckers from lava in the Soul Sand Valley biome, you can use Shears on them to obtain Soul Sucker Leather. Combining 4 with 2 String will allow you to craft Soul Sucker Boots, which increase movement speed when moving on Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

Small structures can be found underground, including a pile of Lava Sponges. These can be harvested and placed in water to dry them out. They’re similar to regular Sponges but can be used to soak up lava instead of water.

Soul Sucker Boots Recipe
Soul Sucker Boots Recipe

A new Enchantment provided by Nether Depths Upgrade is the Hell Strider Enchantment, which has two levels. When equipped with Boots, your movement speed increases when moving in lava. Each level provides a different speed boost, so it’s beneficial for collecting Lava Sponges or searching for fish.


Within the Nether, you can now catch fish by casting a Fishing Rod out in lava. The Nether Depths Upgrade mod includes nine different fish, which can be found across different biomes within the Nether, and even a new structure.

fishing in lava in nether depths upgrade
Fishing in Lava

These fish aren’t those found in Vanilla either, as these are themed around the Nether dimension. Alongside catching them with a Fishing Rod, an Empty Bucket can also be used to catch them, though that requires going inside lava, which can be dangerous.

When holding a fish, they can be consumed, with some of them giving either positive or negative buffs. You can receive Speed, Slowness, Lava Vision, Wither, Blindness, Weakness, and more.

Soul SuckerSoul Sand Valley
WitherbonesSoul Sand Valley
BonefishNether Wastes
Searing CodNether Wastes
GlowdineCrimson Forest
Lava PufferfishWarped Forest
ObsidianfishBasalt Deltas
Magma Cube FishBasalt Deltas
BlazefishFortress Structure

On the table above, you can see the fish currently included with the Nether Depth’s Upgrade mod, and in which Biome you can find them. Blazefish spawn in the Fortress Piece, a new small structure found submerged in lava. These fish also have 3D models, so you can find them swimming around in the lava.

Farmer’s Delight Compatibility

In a recent update, Nether Depth’s Upgrade provided compatibility with the Farmer’s Delight mod. It includes an assortment of foods, which can be created through the Cooking Pot, and Cutting Board.

One of these is even a feast (Nether Rice Roll Medley) and can be placed down in the game world, with servings being taken, similar to a Cake. It’s recommended to use Just Enough Items to see each of the recipes.

Nether Depths Upgrade Mod Download

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