Mob Scarecrows Mod

Mob Scarecrows adds some new Plushies, Statues and Scarecrows into Minecraft. They can be used to either scare hostile mobs away, or attract them to an area, making them great for setting up mob farms.

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The main item provided by this mod is a regular Mob Scarecrow. To craft it, place 2 Sticks, 1 Hay Bale, 1 Fence and 1 Carved Pumpkin in a Crafting Table. Use the image below as a reference.

Mob Scarecrow Recipe
Mob Scarecrow Recipe

When a Mob Scarecrow is placed down, any hostile mobs within 8 blocks of it will run away in fear. So setting them up around Villages can ensure that Zombies and Creepers don’t attack. Although it doesn’t work on Pillagers, so don’t expect it to stop Raids.

By default, mobs within an 8 block radius will be scared, and they will flee that radius. However you can change this value in-game, provided you have cheats enabled, or the correct permissions. Execute the command /gamerule mobScarecrowRadius 0-100, but changing the number to a value of your choosing.

Statues & Plushies

Alternatively, players can craft a Statue or Plushie. These both do the exact same thing, there’s only cosmetic differences between them. They’ll make pretty cute decorations for your world too.

wolf plushie and recipe
Wolf Plushie

Instead of scaring all hostile mobs away, each Statue/Plushie will scare a certain type of mob. There are Statues and Plushies of a Pigeon, Cat, Wolf and Iron Golem.

golem statue
Golem Statue

Like the Scarecrow, these need to be placed down. Pigeons scare Spiders, Cats scare Creepers, Wolves scare Skeletons and Iron Golems scare Zombies. So if you only want to scare a certain type of creature, you’re better crafting these vs a Scarecrow.

Turtle & Endermites

There’s two more types of Plushies and Statues that can be crafted. These are the Turtle and Endermite.

turtle and endermite
Turtle & Endermite Plushies

They act a little different compared to other items. Instead of making creatures flee, they’ll attract them instead. Turtles will attract Zombies, and Endermite will attract Enderman. Any of these mobs nearby will walk until it’s standing on top of the Statue/Plushie.

Creating these items are great for setting up mob farms, so that you can collect experience/Ender Pearls.

Mob Scarecrows Mod Download

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How to Install

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