Miner’s Helmet Mod

The Miner’s Helmet is a new item that can be equipped on the player’s head. It acts as a portable light source, allowing players to see better in darkness. Mining in Caves should also be easier with it equipped.

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About the Miner’s Helmet

The Miner’s Helmet should hopefully remove the need for you to use Torches. When it’s equipped, the area in front of the player will light up. It’s not insanely bright but helps.

miners helmet recipe
Recipe for the Miners Helmet

To craft the Miner’s Helmet, combine 3 Iron Ingots, 2 Leather, and a Lantern inside a Crafting Table. Another good idea would be to go into your game’s video settings, and ensure that the Brightness option is set to maximum.

The mod also makes some minor changes to Zombies. They have a chance of spawning wearing a Miner’s Helmet, as well as an Iron Pickaxe. Interestingly, it adds immersion to the world, as it feels like they’re Miners, who got trapped in Minecraft caving system.

In the configuration files, you have the option to disable Zombies naturally spawning with a Miner’s Helmet and Pickaxe. There’s also an option to adjust the brightness, which you might want to change.

Miner’s Helmet Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release
1.17.1No Release
1.18.2No Release
1.20.XNo Release

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How to Install

If you haven't already, make sure to install Forge for Minecraft. It's a simple process and takes just a few minutes. Once Forge is installed:
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  2. Take this file, and place it in the 'mods' folder of your Minecraft directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create it. The easiest way to access your Minecraft directory is opening the game, going to Resource Packs and pressing the 'Open Resource Pack Folder' button.
  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.