Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn Mod

Minecraft Comes Alive, otherwise known as MCA overhauls Minecraft Villagers. Now, they’re more human-like, and interactions can be had, with marriage even being a possibility. You can have children, hire Guards and build new structures.

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With it installed, Villagers are going to be very different. They’ll have a human form, with each one having a unique skin. The Villagers are gendered too so that they can be either male or female.

An MCA Villager
An MCA Villager

Over time, you can get to know a Villager, and build a relationship with them. You can do this by right-clicking on them, and choosing options like Talk, where you can tell jokes, casually chat, or even flirt and kiss.

Although Villagers aren’t always open to some of these options, depending on their personality and current mood. They might respond negatively, or you might get some bonus points instead depending on the interaction.

There’s also the interact option, where you can have a Villager stay where they are, move them to locations around the Village, or equip them with Armor. On this menu, it’s also possible to give a Gift to a Villager, which is an easy way to improve your relationship, as they’ll often accept many items, with Diamonds always being a great option.

Villager Interaction Menu
Villager Interaction Menu

On the left-hand side of the Villager interaction screen, you can hover over the Hearts icon to see your current relationship standing. Over time, this will increase and decrease, with it even being possible to go into negative values. These icons also show the Genes of a Villager, whether they’re married and what their last interaction resulted in.

There’s an item provided by the mod called the Villager Editor, and it’s unobtainable in Survival Mode, only in Creative. Here, you can adjust all the aspects of a Villager, like their name, skin, gender, personality, and more. So that might be useful for you too.

If you’re in survival mode but want this item, just press Escape, press the Open to Lan button, then enable cheats and you can quickly move into Creative Mode.


Once a relationship has been built with a Villager, you’re able to get engaged and marry them. There are two items you can create, which are the Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring.

Crafting the Engagement Ring will allow you to marry a Villager once you have achieved 50 Hearts with them. Whereas the Wedding Ring can only be used once you’ve reached 100 Hearts instead.

Wedding and Engagement Ring Recipes
Wedding and Engagement Ring Recipes

To craft a Wedding Ring, place 8 Gold Ingots inside a Crafting Table. Or replace one of the Ingots with a Diamond to create an Engagement Ring instead.

Once you have a Ring, simply select the ‘Gift’ option on a Villager, and give them a Ring once you’ve reached the Heart requirement. No ceremony is needed, you’ll become married to that Villager instantly.

If you want to divorce a Villager, then you’ll need to find a Cleric. Clerics are regular Villagers, just place down a Brewing Stand and they will become a Cleric. There is also the option to just speak to your spouse and divorce them, but there are penalties.


After marrying a Villager, you have the option to have a child. You can select the procreate option when talking to a Villager. They might not always agree, so get to know your spouse more first, and try reaching at least 100 Hearts in your relationship.

After a quick dance, a Baby Boy or Girl will be added to your inventory, which can be right-clicked and named. There’s also a chance to have twins.

You should keep the baby in your inventory for now, as it will slowly grow over time. Or you can place it in your partner’s inventory time. By default, it takes 20 minutes for a Baby to grow into a Child, but that can be changed in the config. After this time, the Baby can be placed down in the world, and you’ll have 100 Hearts with it already.

Children in MCA Reborn
Children in MCA Reborn

At first, it will be a baby. You’ll have to wait a short amount of time for it to become a Child, which is when it can walk. Then, you’ll have the ‘Work’ button available when interacting with your child, where you can send them to Fish, Hunt, Harvest, and Chop Trees. You might need to place the right tool in your child’s inventory, like a Fishing Rod or Axe.

If at any time you can’t find your family, then try creating a Whistle from 4 Iron Ingots and a Gold Block. When you use it, you can call a family member to your location, and it will teleport them to you. 

To accelerate the growth of a Child, you can feed them Golden Apples. Once they’ve matured into adults, they’ll no longer work for you.


There’s a variety of Buildings that can be added to a Village that benefit you and its residents. You’ll need to create the Blueprint item from 8 Paper and a Blue Dye. When you right-click it, the first screen you’ll see is the Map of your Village, showing each House, Village Bell, and other important structures.

Buildings and Village Map
Buildings and Village Map

Under the Catalog section, you can see the 10 different structures currently provided with the mod, as well as their requirements. So for example, crafting the Inn requires an area of at least 64 blocks, which contains a Smoker, Jukebox, and 4 Beds. But you can also create a Graveyard, Library, Armory, Prison, and more.

Inside the Inn
Inside the Inn

After you’ve crafted the structure, stand inside it and open the Blueprint again. Under the Map section, press the ‘Add Building’ button, and it should appear on the Map.

One of your unemployed Villagers will make their way over and become a worker for that structure if they can, as a lot of these buildings use Job Blocks. So they can also be traded for some items related to their professions.


Over time, you can increase your rank within the Village by completing tasks. You can see your current rank inside the Blueprint, and how to reach the next one. You’ll start as a Peasant, and becoming a Merchant requires you to have an average of 20 Hearts, and build a Big House and a Storage Building. After 

Ranks and Requirements
Ranks and Requirements

As you rank up, new Rules can be introduced to the Village, with the first being Taxes at the Merchant Rank. With Taxes implemented, you’ll see items slowly added to the Storage Building by Villagers.

Village Rules
Village Rules

Once you reach the Noble Rank, you can introduce a Birth Limit, to slow down or increase population growth. And later on, a Marriage Limit to reduce the number of marriages that are happening.

You can later rank up to a Mayor, and then eventually, a King. As a King, you can change the Profession of a Villager, so that they can become Guards instead.


Villagers aren’t immune to death. They can be killed in many of the ways regular Villages can, like through hostile mobs, accidents, and Raids. When a Villager dies, they’ll be buried in the Graveyard, so make sure there are always empty plots available.

Village Tombstones
Village Tombstones

But as we all know, death in Minecraft isn’t permanent. You can create an Altar from 3 Obsidian Pillars which are 2 blocks high, and place an Emerald Block in the middle. During the night, ignite the top of all 3 Pillagers, as well as the Emerald Block to summon the Grim Reaper.

You’ll have to kill the Reaper, which is hard to do. It’s able to float in the sky, and is immune to arrow attacks, as it will teleport around like an Enderman. During the fight, it will summon undead mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, and Phantoms, and with the large amount of health it has, it’s going to be a pretty drawn-out fight. Bring lots of healing items too, as you’ll also be hit by the Wither effect a lot.

The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper

Once defeated, the Grim Reaper will drop its Scythe, which we can use for a few things. The first option is to kill a Villager with the Scythe, which will capture their soul.

Then, you can right-click a Tombstone with the Scythe to revive that Villager, so you’re trading a soul for a soul. After a few seconds, and some lightning strikes, the villagers will be resurrected, but in a less human form of themselves, as they’re now infected.

Another method of reviving Villagers is by using your Scythe and turning it into a Staff of Life instead. You can do that by combining the Scythe with an End Rod and Nether Star, so it’s quite expensive. With the Staff of Life, no other Villagers will need to be killed to revive another, and they can be resurrected without being infected.


Villagers can become infected, such as by being bit by Zombies, or when resurrected with the Grim Reaper’s Scythe. Villagers that are infected will have their skin color slowly change, they might be shaking, they won’t communicate with the player and they’ll try to bite other Villagers.

An Infected Villager
An Infected Villager

If a Villager hasn’t transformed into a Zombie yet, but they’re infected, try gifting them a Golden Apple. It should cure them. If a Villager has transformed, then lock them up so that they can’t infect other Villagers, and so that Guards won’t kill them.

Throw a Splash Potion of Weakness onto them, and then right-click them with a Golden Apple, and it should cure them after a few minutes.

If a Zombie Villager can’t be cured, your only option is to kill them.

MCA Reborn Mod Download

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