Meadow Mod

Meadow brings a considerable expansion to the Meadow Biome in Minecraft. Generally, the mod has a Swiss theme, with players being able to discover new structures, farm crops, and eventually create a variety of Cheeses. This mod is otherwise known as [Meadow] Let’s Do Cheese!

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The first change this mod makes is that the Meadow Biomes will be covered in lots of new vegetation, mainly in the form of flowers and grass. Specifically, there is Delphinium, Alpine Poppies, Saxifrage, Enzian, Fire Lily, Eirophorum, Small Fir, Tall Alpine Grass, and standard Alpine Grass.

Like with regular Minecraft Flowers, these can all be turned into Dyes or used in the recipe for a Suspicious Stew. And overall, it adds a bit more color to the Meadows Biome. A more noticeable change is the introduction of Pine and Alpine Trees, which are pretty big.

Chopping these down will give access to some new Planks, which can later be turned into Boats, Fences, Doors, Trapdoors, and more. Although there are many new items, they can be turned into, such as Tables, Chairs, Benches, Cheese Racks, Shelves, and Window Shutters. These aren’t just for decoration, as they have uses, whether for sitting down or storing Cheese Wheels.

Naturally Spawning Yarrow & Lavender
Naturally Spawning Yarrow & Lavender

Some new crops are included, which will need to be grown and harvested to create specific types of Cheeses or meals: Oats, Yarrow, Lavender, and Juniper. To collect Oats, break Grass in the Meadow Biomes, as these can provide you with Oat Seeds.

The others can be found naturally spawning as plants, mainly in the Meadow Forest. They can be broken, allowing them to drop their respective seeds.


Multiple new structures are also included with the Meadow Mod. The first and most significant is the Meadow Village. It’s a lot like a regular Village, except it has a lot more detail and is made up of new blocks, such as Pine Planks and Limestone Bricks. Plenty of decoration objects are added, like Tables and Chairs, found inside and outside buildings.

These Villages are inhabited by some new Villagers: Cheesemakers and Hermits. Cheesemakers will sell new items the Meadow mod provides, such as Jugs, Cauldrons, Wooden Buckets, and Cobblestone Furnaces. Whereas Hermits sell similar items, focusing more on nature-themed items, like Saplings, Bear Fur, and Fire Logs.

Meadow Chalet
The Chalet

Another larger structure is the Chalet, which is essentially a player house. If you come across one of these structures, they make a great place to live. Outside, you’ll find Benches to sit on and a Woodcutter, which Logs can be placed inside to turn into different wooden objects.

Inside are some essentials you need to survive, like Beds, as well as lots of items that help create cheese, though we’ll cover that further down. For some quick food, slices of the Cheese Wheel and Cheese Tart can be taken, which is found on the ground floor.

Chapels can also spawn naturally, contain some loot, and have nice Stained Glass Windows. Otherwise, the other structures are small and there to bring the new Meadow biomes to life. Logging Camps contain Villagers and quite a lot of valuable blocks. In contrast, the Observation Post and Bench are lovely places to sit. Observation Posts even have Cameras, which are just decoration objects.


Quite a few new species of Vanilla animals have been introduced, specifically for Cows, Chickens, and Sheep. Cows, for example, can now be Albino Cows, Dairy Cows, Pinto Cows, and others. Or you can find Cattle and Water Buffalos instead. Using a Bucket on them will allow you to obtain Milk or Buffalo Milk.

Highland and Dairy Cows can be found in the Meadows. You can find the Sunset, Cream, and Buffalo Cows in warmer Biomes, such as the Savannas. For any other Cows, try checking any Biomes that Vanilla cows can spawn in, including the Forests. Although to find Warped Cows, you must head to the Warped Forest Biome.

Sheep have some new additions too. They can spawn as Rocky, Patched, Long-Nosed, Inky, Horned, Fuzzy, and Flecked. Shearing them will give Patterned Wool, which is used to create Beds and Carpets of some new styles. Chickens are identical to their Vanilla counterparts, with some new textures.

Bears in the Meadow
Bears in the Meadow

Finally, there are Brown Bears, which you might find spawning in the new Meadow Biomes. They are hostile, so they will attack you on sight. When killed, they drop Bear Fur and Raw Bear Meat.

Bear Hunter Set
Bear Hunter Set

Bear Fur can be used to create Bear Hunters Armor. Wearing a complete set will provide +2 Knockback Resistance. Whereas Raw Bear Meat can be used to create Bear Stew inside the Cooking Pot when used alongside Alpine Salt and a Bowl. Alternatively, some of the new Villagers will sell Bear Fur for Emeralds.

Obtaining Milk

There are five different milk available: Vanilla Milk, Buffalo Milk, Goat Milk, Oat Milk, and Sheep Milk. Some of these are self-explanatory, as they can be obtained from different Cows, Sheep, and Goats. These can be collected in either Wooden or Metal Buckets.

Oat Milk Recipe
Oat Milk Recipe

The process for obtaining Oat Milk is a bit different. Inside a Cooking Pot, you must place a Bucket of Water, Oats, and a piece of Paper. In return, you’ll receive a Bucket of Oat Milk. To obtain Oat Seeds, break Alpine Grass within the new Meadow Biomes, similar to how you’d obtain regular Seeds.

Cheese Mass

After obtaining a Bucket of Milk, you can create Cheese Mass. Doing so will require a Cooking Cauldron, which can be crafted from 3 Copper Ingots and 5 Iron Ingots. It also needs heat, so create a Frame from a Campfire and 7 Sticks. Place the Frame in the world, then add the Cauldron.

Cauldron & Frame Recipe
Cauldron & Frame Recipe

You need to place any Bucket of Milk, some Alpine Salt, and some Rennett. To obtain Rennett, place some Alpine Salt and Raw Beef inside a Cooking Pot alongside a Glass Bottle in the container slot. After the Milk, Rennett, and Salt have been placed inside the Cauldron, it will begin to create a Cheese Mass.

Rennett Recipe
Rennett Recipe

Though a few other Cheese Masses are available inside the Cauldron. Herb Cheese Mass can be created by placing Rennett, Milk, and Yarrow. Lavender Cheese Mass requires Rennett, Milk, and Lavender. And Warped Mass Cheese can be obtained using a Bucket on a Warped Cow found in the Warped Forest within the Nether.

Cheese MassIngredients
Cheese MassBucket of Milk, Alpine Salt, Rennett
Buffalo Cheese MassBucket of Buffalo Milk, Alpine Salt, Renett
Goat Cheese MassBucket of Goat Milk, Alpine Salt, Rennett
Sheep Cheese MassBucket of Sheep, Milk, Alpine Salt, Rennett
Oat Cheese MassBucket of Oat Milk, Alpine Salt, Rennett
Herb Cheese MassBucket of Milk, Yarrow, Rennett
Lavender Cheese MassBucket of Milk, Lavender, Rennett
Warped Cheese MassUse a Bucket on a Warped Cow

Cheese Wheel

After obtaining a Cheese Mass Bucket, you can cure your Cheese and mold it. Doing so will require a Cheese Form, which can easily be created with 5 Pine Slabs. Place it down in the game world, and right-click it to add the Cheese Mass.

Cheese Form Recipe
Cheese Form Recipe

Creating a Cheese Wheel takes a lot of time, close to around 5 minutes. So it’s worth creating a few Cheese Forms to speed up making multiple Cheese Wheels. Once the process is complete, the Chess Wheel can be removed.

One instant use for Cheese Wheels is to place them down. They can then be right-clicked with an empty hand to remove four Cheese Slices. Though inside the Chalet and Village, pre-made Cheese Wheels can be found spawning on Tables.

Meadow Mod Download

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