Living Chest Mod

Living Chest adds Chester into Minecraft, a companion from the Don’t Starve games. Chester will follow players around as a Wolf would, but he also acts as portable storage with him being able to carry 27 items.

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Using Living Chest

To use the Living Chest mod, you’re going to need to create the Eye Bone item. It can be crafted by placing a Bone and an Eye of Ender inside a Crafting Table. Use the image below as a reference.

Eye Bone Recipe
Eye Bone Recipe

When holding an Eye Bone, you can sneak and right-click to summon Chester, a new companion known from the Don’t Starve games. When you run away, Chester will bounce around and follow you, and sounds from Don’t Starve have also been imported.

Chester in the Overworld
Chester in the Overworld

Right clicking Chester will open his inventory, which has 27 slots available. So Chester acts as a portable Chest, allowing players to carry more items on adventures. Like a Wolf, Chester can be made to stay in a location by placing the Eye Bone down, as he’ll stay near it.

Living Chest Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.15.2No Release
1.17.1No Release
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1.19.2No Release

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How to Install

If you haven't already, make sure to install Forge for Minecraft. It's a simple process and takes just a few minutes. Once Forge is installed:
  1. Download the mod for your Minecraft Version. It will be a .JAR file.
  2. Take this file, and place it in the 'mods' folder of your Minecraft directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create it. The easiest way to access your Minecraft directory is opening the game, going to Resource Packs and pressing the 'Open Resource Pack Folder' button.
  3. Once it's inside the mods folder, run Minecraft with the Forge preset selected. The mod will be installed and can be played with in-game.