Just Enough Golems Mod

Just Enough Golems adds 2 new Golems into your Minecraft world. One which will automatically collect dropped Crops, and one which can protect you from fights. There’s an assortment of new blocks and items to complement the mod too.

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Plant Golem

The first creature is the Plant Golem, which can be summoned by placing a Carved Pumpkin on a Precious Mossy Cobblestone Block. These are new blocks provided with the mod and can be created from 4 Mossy Cobblestone and a Diamond.

Precious Mossy Cobblestone Recipe
Precious Mossy Cobblestone Recipe

You should create the Plant Golem near some Farmland, as that’s where it works. When it detects Crops on the ground, such as Seeds, Carrots, and Potatoes, the Plant Golem will pick them up. It will then plant in the nearest Farmland Block.

Plant Golem
Plant Golem

Essentially, the Plant Golem should help you automate farming. Another new addition is the Mossy Observer, which can be created by surrounding an Observer with 4 Mossy Cobblestones.

It fires a Redstone signal whenever it detects a Crop reaching its maximum age. Meaning that you can trigger the likes of flowing Water to cause all the Crops to break, and be collected by the Plant Golem.

Magmatic Golem

The next Golem is the Magmatic Golem, and it will defend you on adventures. They can be summoned by placing a Carved Pumpkin on a block of Magmatic Obsidian. These blocks can be created by using a Bucket of Lava on a block of Crying Obsidian.

Magmatic Obsidian Recipe
Magmatic Obsidian Recipe

Or, you can break the block of Magmatic Obsidian to receive Magmatic Shards, which can instead be turned into Magmatic Obsidian at a later date. By right-clicking the Magmatic Golem with a Sword, it will equip it.

magmatic golem
Magmatic Golem

There are 2 different states to the Magmatic Golem. There’s a mode where it will sit idly so that it doesn’t follow you or attack creatures. Whereas the other mode does the opposite, attacking anything you fight. You can switch between the modes by using a Blaze Rod on the Magmatic Golem.

Enraged Magma Golem

By crafting and using a Magmatic Pendant on the Magmatic Golem, it will become enraged. When that happens, there’ll be an explosion, so be careful. The size of the Magmatic Golem will be increased majorly, as well as its damage and defences.

Enraged Magmatic Golem
Enraged Magmatic Golem

The Enraged Magmatic Golem won’t do anything until it’s been provided with a Nether Core, which can be removed again at any time. On average, a Nether Core will last around 3 hours, before needing to be charged at a station.

Just Enough Golems Mod Download

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