Incendium Mod

Incendium was previously a Datapack but is now available as a mod. With it installed, you’ll find a complete overhaul to the Nether, with new Biomes, Structures, Bosses, and more.

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With Incendium installed, you can find 8 new Biomes, which spawn alongside the already existing ones. It’s also worth noting that the height of the Nether has been increased to 192 blocks high, making the terrain much better.

The Biomes that you can find are Ash Barrens, Infernal Dunes, Inverted Forests, Quartz Flats, Toxic Heaps, Volcanic Deltas, Weeping Valleys, and Withered Forest. Interestingly, no new blocks are added at all by Incendium.

So all of these new locations are made up of blocks that already exist in Minecraft. Throughout these Biomes, some new structures can be found, which we’ll talk about below. You can also expect to find different mobs that you might not normally find in the Nether, like Phantoms, Slimes, and Vex.


There are around 10 structures included by Incendium in its current form. These are of all different sizes, with some being bigger than any other structure that currently exists in Minecraft.

You can find the Abandoned Tower, Forbidden Castle, Infernal Altar, Nether Reactor, Piglin Village, Pipeline, Quartz Kitchen, Ruined Lab, and Sanctum. While a small amount of these structures don’t offer a lot to do, some are like complete dungeons, taking a long time to fully explore.

The largest has to be the Forbidden Castle, which is full of hostile Piglins, some of which are wearing Armor. But in most of these structures, you can find lots of loot too, if you can safely retrieve it. Make sure to search every Barrel and Chest you come across.

Incendium Mod Download

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How to Install

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