Improved Backpacks Mod

Improved Backpacks adds some new Backpacks into the game, which can be created through the Sewing Table. They come in a variety of colors, can be worn on the players back, and later on, upgraded to increase their storage capacity.

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Making a Backpack

Creating Backpacks within this mod can’t be done inside a Crafting Table. Instead, you need to create a Sewing Table. This is a new block provided by the Improved Backpacks mod.

Sewing Table Recipe

A single Sewing Table can be crafted from 4 Planks, 1 Stick and 1 Leather. Before being able to craft a Backpack, some other items are required. The first of which is a set of Shears, which can be crafted from 2 Iron Ingots.

Spool Recipe, With Sewing Table Changes

Next, you’ll need to create Sewing Spools. A single Backpack requires at least 6 of these, and they can be crafted from 2 String and 1 Stick. When these are placed inside the Sewing Table, the model will change. Now is also a good time to place the Shears inside the Sewing Table too.

Creating Tanned Leather

5 Tanned Leather are also required. To get started with obtaining Tanned Leather, place Shears, 5 Sewing Spools and 5 Leather inside the Sewing Table, and they’ll be turned into 5 Bound Leather.

Creating an Improved Backpack

Take these 5 Bound Leather, and place them inside a Furnace. You should now have 5 Tanned Leather. Inside the Sewing Table, place Shears, 1 Sewing Spool, 5 Tanned Leather and 3 Wool.

Wool needs to be the same color, and the Wool placed inside will determine the color of the Backpack. However, later on you can add your Backpack to the Sewing Table again to apply a different dye.

Backpack Mechanics

Firstly, a Backpack can be equipped and rendered on the players back. By default, it’s going to take up the Chestplate slot, which might not be ideal.

A great alternative is to install a mod like Curios or Baubles, both of which add additional Backpack slots to the inventory window. Installing one of these mods will also allow you to quickly open a Backpack using a hotkey.

Backpack Placed Down

By sneaking and right clicking the air while holding a Backpack, an option to rename it will appear. Although this does cost levels. Alternatively, sneak and right click the ground to place it down.

When a Backpack is placed down, it acts like a Chest. You can open it, see its contents, and so can other players. Simply break the Backpack to place it inside your inventory again, so that you can equip it.

Backpack Upgrades

A default Backpack comes with 18 slots, which is a reasonable amount. At anytime, you can upgrade a Backpack using Pockets, which are craftable. These come in 3 sizes, which are Tiny, Medium and Large.

Recipes for Each Pocket

Each Pocket can be crafted inside the Sewing Table, alongside some Sewing Spool and an Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot or Diamond. Each one gives a different amount of additional slots, and have a limit on the amount of times they can be applied to a Backpack.

Tiny Pockets add 3 additional slots, and can be applied to a Backpack 3 times. Medium Pockets add 6 slots, and can be applied to a Backpack 3 times. Whereas a Large Pocket provides 9 additional slots, and can be added to a Backpack 2 times.

Largest Possible Backpack

So in total, the maximum amount of slots a Backpack can have is 36 (18 default + 18 from 2 Large Pockets). Although of course you can configure the mod yourself, and choose your own values. To apply a Pocket Upgrade, just place it inside the Sewing Table alongside your Backpack, Sewing Spool and Shears.

Ender Backpack

The final item included with Improved Backpacks is the Ender Backpack. It works like an Ender Chest, with them being connected together. That way, you can quickly transfer items while away from home and keep them safe.

Ender Backpack Recipe

Although unlike other Backpacks, it can’t be placed down in the game world. To create the Ender Backpack, place Shears and Sewing Spool inside the Sewing Table. Then add 8 Obsidian to the left slot, and an Eye of Ender to the right slot.

Improved Backpacks Mod Download

1.13.2No Release
1.14.4No Release
1.15.2No Release
1.17.1No Release
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1.19.2No Release

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How to Install

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