Hunting Dimension Mod

The Hunting Dimension is solely for killing mobs. Inside, you can find more Creepers, Spiders, Enderman and more than you would in the Overworld. Although they’re slightly harder to defeat.

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Hunting Dimension Portal

To enter the Hunting Dimension, a Portal will need to be created. Craft Hunting Frame pieces from 8 Logs of any type, as well as any Arrow. See the image below for the crafting recipe.

Hunting Frame Recipe
Hunting Frame Recipe

In total, you’ll want to craft at least 10 of these, which will require 24 Logs and 3 Arrows. That way, you can create a Portal Frame that’s similar to a Nether Portal, with the corners consisting of other blocks.

hunting dimension portal
Activated Portal to the Hunting Dimension

A Hunting Portal should be 4 blocks wide and 6 blocks high. To ignite the Hunting Portal, right click it with any weapon (it won’t be consumed), or use a Flint and Steel. When you’re ready, equip your best combat items and head through the Portal.

Inside the Hunting Dimension

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you enter the Hunting Dimension is that it’s night time, even though it was day when you entered. That’s because in the Hunting Dimension, it’s eternally night time, which means hostile mobs can spawn without burning.

inside the hunting dimension
Hunting Dimension’s Green Sky

Though this is indicated by the dimensions green sky. If you want to return to the Overworld, just head back through the Hunting Portal which can be found in the Dimension.

The creatures that spawn here are different to those in the Overworld. Even though they’re all mobs like Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders, they have more armor, health and are able to deal more damage.

Zombie Villager in the Hunting Dimension
Zombie Villager in the Hunting Dimension

Though to make up for these changes, mobs have a higher chance of dropping their loot. So heading to the Hunting Dimension is great way of obtaining more Gunpowder from Creepers, or Ender Pearls from Enderman.

When inside the Hunting Dimension, any active Potion Effects on the player will diminish twice as fast as they would in the Overworld.

Hunting Dimension Mod Download

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