Hunter Illager Mod

The Hunter Illager is a new Pillager-themed mob, which can be found in its own wooden cabin. These creatures are hostile, and use a Bow and Arrow to attack their enemies.

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About the Hunter Illager

Within Biomes like the Plains and Forests, you can find a new structure spawning, which is a wood cabin. Inhabiting this structure is a new type of Pillager, which is called the Hunter Illager.

Hunter Illager Cabin
Hunter Illager Cabin

Multiple Hunter Illagers can spawn in a single cabin. When a player or animal gets close to them, they’ll pull out their Bow and Arrows and attack. Unlike other mobs, they’re also able to eat food to replenish their health.

The Hunter Illager
The Hunter Illager

When killed, they might drop the food their carrying. Inside their cabin, you can find some Beds, as well as some Chests and Barrels in the attic which contain loot.


Another weapon that this mod includes is the Boomerang. You might find some of these inside the Illager Hunter’s Cabin, specifically in the Chests and Barrels in the attic. But they can also be crafted from 3 Planks and 1 Paper.

Boomerang Recipe
Boomerang Recipe

When holding a Boomerang, you can hold down the right mouse button to power up a throw. After releasing it, the Boomerang will fly and bounce off nearby surfaces and blocks. Unfortunately, they don’t fly back towards the player often, and need to be manually retrieved.

The new ‘Bounce’ Enchantment can be applied to the Boomerang, which has a maximum level of 3. Having this applied will increase the number of bounces a Boomerang does when hitting blocks or entities. Other Enchantments can be applied to a Boomerang too, such as Sharpness which will increase damage.

Hunter Illager Mod Download

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