Human Companions Mod

Human Companions are new NPCs which look like players. They spawn in their own homes, and can be recruited, allowing them to fight alongside you, or guard an area.

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Finding & Recruiting Companions

Throughout your world, you can now find structures of some different sizes and styles, depending on their biome. Inside, humanoid type characters which look like other players can spawn. Although they might also be found wandering around and patrolling the structure.

An Archer Companion
An Archer Companion

They are also able to be found using the /locate humancompanions:companion_house or /locate structure humancompanions:companion_house command. These are Human Companions, and have different combat styles, as they might use a Sword, Axe, Bow or Crossbow in battle.

To recruit a Human Companion, you will need to give them some food by holding and right clicking them. By right-clicking a Human Companion, you can see which food they require to be recruited.

They will require a few pieces of food, and after they are recruited, you will receive the ‘Best Friends Forever’ advancement. Otherwise, they’ll just say ‘Thanks!’ if this advancement is already unlocked.

Companion Mechanics

When a Human Companion has been recruited, you are able to make them sit by sneaking and right-clicking them. They won’t actually sit, but they’ll stay in that position instead of constantly wandering away.

By just right-clicking them, you can open their management window. It contains the Human Companions inventory, and they’ll equip the best armor that is placed here. However, changing their weapon currently isn’t possible.

Companion Management Window
Companion Management Window

It’s also worth noting that Companions with a Bow or Crossbow don’t require ammunition, so don’t waste Arrows on them. Four buttons can be found in the bottom right corner of this interface. These are ‘Alert Mode’, which toggles whether a Companion should attack hostile mobs.

The ‘Hunting Mode’ toggle will determine whether the Companion will attack passive mobs. Finally, there are buttons which will determine whether a Companion follows you, and if they won’t move while attacking. Follow mode can also be switched to patrol and guard, which can keep them confined to an area.

For a Human Companion to be able to heal themselves, you should place food in their inventory. And their health can be seen at any time in the management window by right-clicking them, as well as their Class.

House of a Companion
House of a Companion

Like normal players, a Human Companion will level up over time from killing creatures. For every 3 levels that are gained, the health of a Companion is increased by 1, allowing them to survive more difficult fights.

Human Companions Mod Download

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How to Install

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