Guard Villagers Mod

Guard Villagers will turn some Villagers into Guards, equipped with Armor, Swords, and Crossbows. They’ll defend a Village from intruders like Zombies, and more Guards can be recruited at any point.

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About Guard Villagers

When locating a Village, you’ll now find that Guards will spawn, with there being around 6 normally. These are Villagers who are equipped with both Armor and Weapons. They can be wearing Iron or Leather equipment, and be armed with a Sword or Crossbow.

A Guard Villager
A Guard Villager

They’re going to work alongside the Iron Golem to take out anyone who disrupts the peace of a Village. So that might include Zombies and any Pillager-type mobs, making them especially useful for beating a Raid.

Guard Interactions

Nitwits are unemployed Villagers. These can now be right-clicked with a Sword or Crossbow to convert them into Guards, further increasing the defenses of a Village. However, there are some special options when having the Hero of the Village Effect.

When the effect is active, you can right-click on a Guard Villager to open their inventory. Here, you can equip them with new items, like Enchanted Netherite so that they’re able to defend the Village better. Providing them with Potions and Food will also help them regain health in combat.

Guard Villager Management
Guard Villager Management

There are 2 buttons too which you might notice. When the left button is pressed, it will cause a Guard Villager to be hired by the player, and they’ll follow you. Whereas the left button will cause a Guard Villager to patrol the area it’s in.

Remember, you can only open the interface of a Guard Villager when the Hero of the Village effect is active.

Guard Villagers Mod Download

1.12.2No Release
1.13.2No Release

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How to Install

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